Trust Jesus

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  1. Trust Jesus

    Trust Jesus.
    You can have works without faith.
    But you cant have faith without works.
    Its a fine line and can get very confusing!
    But that's where trust in Jesus comes in.
    He says to yoke up with Him.
    His burden is easy, His yoke is light.
    Trust Him to lead you in everything.
    He wont leave you by the wayside, abandoned and bereft.
    Nor will He take you down the primrose path just to squash you.
    Trust Him with each step.
    Trust Him to give you things to do.
    He will take you on such an adventure as you could never have dreamed on your own!
    Trust Him.
    For He is good.
  2. Hey Fuffy.... Did you do this poetry ? Very nice , thanks
  3. Hey,Dusty! [​IMG] Is this considered poetry? Hmm. I was reading the book of James, and as I was pondering what I had read, those thoughts came to my mind. I'm glad you liked it. It spoke to me this morning![​IMG]
  4. Yeh, Fluff,
    I liked it also. It's so fun to get new stuff from His Word!
    I wanna' do the "kiss" icon too! How did you do it?
  5. I like the poem but I must say I see people mindlessly performing works without faith all the time- sadly so. Any work not based on God's direct will and therefore not empowered by the Holy Spirit is wood, hay and stubble.

    I am sorry if this post is a party pooper but I just had to get it off my chest.

  6. Fluffy.... Trust and obey for it is the only way that we will be successful in our lives. And yes there are a lot of people who have " Good Works" and they think they are good people but works alone will not cut it and we must be aware that it is our fruits that will be the evidence. By our fruits we shall be known.
  7. LOVE THIS Thank you Fluffy
  8. I am glad everyone likes it, or at least is moved by it. :D
    Boanerges, I understand what you say about people doing works without faith. That is what prompted the first line. Being a good person wont save you. But being saved makes you a better person. Or it should.
    But what is also prevalent is the thought that you can rest on your salvation and not do anything! But how do you know what to do? How do you know that what you are doing is what GOD wants you to do? That is where confusion comes in. But its by trusting in Him, and letting Him tell you what He wants that the confusion clears up and we can rest in His will. Knowing that He wont lead us astray or leave us by ourselves! [​IMG]
  9. i don,t like work for money,but i like good work.i get a lot more satisfaction working here on understanding better.:)
  10. I do not really think we are disagreeing but instead saying the same thing in a different way.
    One must be led of the Holy Spirit and then they will allways know God's will. Anything outside of that is of no value in heavens eyes. Ths is exampled by Jeus walk as He did only the Father's will and then that only in the leading and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. I am certainly not argueing with you about good works, I am only saying that good works flow from a faith filled heart and not the other way around. I really do not know anyone who is strong in faith that is not moved by God to produce good works but it is a possability I guess.
    We must trust Jesus the same way we love Him- with all our heart, with all our mind and with all our strength.
    Much love in Christ, brother Larry.

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