True Worth

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  1. True Worth

    True Worth

    "It is worth nothing for a person to have the whole world, if
    he loses his soul {in hell}. A person could never pay enough
    to buy back his soul."

    -- Mark 8:36-37 (ERV)

    So much of life gets lost in the pursuit of things we think are
    important. We trade our time for that which does not matter. We trade
    our energy for gains never realized. We trade our hopes for what winds
    up as wrecked dreams. Our very lives, our souls, find their resource in
    the Lord. He must remain the center, the goal, and the purpose of our
    lives or we lose ourselves in our pursuit of things that don't really

  2. This is so true. Would we loose our own soul for all the things of this world and satan is constantly bombarding us with stuff to get us sidetracked away from our daily tasks of loving God, following Him and serving Him. I am speaking here of myself cause I am not as focused and tend to get sidetracked and know better and need to pray more that the Holy Spirit directs me in my daily tasks. I am not so much distracted by material things but time and spending it wisely.:groupray:

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