True Prophets (preachers)

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  1. Who do you guys feel that are the true preachers out there or throughout history and why?

  2. Preacher or prophet?
  3. What do you mean by true?
  4. Anyone preaching the gospel I suppose.
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  5. Preachers
  6. Well there are false teachers out there teaching a false Gospel. But some people have found some good preachers that have the Holy Ghost in them preaching the truth. So i was wondering if people knew of any that were preaching that doctrine so I could check them out! Trying to find good sermons for myself to watch and do studying :p
  7. Hey brother that simplify things...Probaly everyone have a diferente opnion but I like Charles Staley, David Jeremiah you can also find some old Charles Spurgeon....God Bless! All at Youtube...
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  8. I just recently seen some charles stanley he's pretty good. Never heard of David. I might A Spurgeon book that I found at an antique place of his notes and commentary for his sermons!
  9. Aside from Our Lord,
    The Apostles, the early Church fathers, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Dominic, St. Benedict, John Henry Cardinal Newman, Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius X, the XII, Pope St. John Paul II...

    Because of their devotion to Christian faith, hope and love, and they lived and explained it so perfectly.
  10. Not sure, but I have a felling that aside the Scriputure and a few church fathers he is probaly passing the you!
  11. I am certain most will disagree. And I suspect I'll disagree with his. But I thought we were just answering what we believe.
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  12. Here is David Jeremiah link.

    He is pretty awesome on how he explains things. I have been listening to him for years.
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  13. Many may disagree with me but I'm going with , Joyce Meyer.

    It takes Godly strength to forgive a man that raped you ,baptize Him and buy him a house....
    all of this was done privately and not in the public eye.
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  14. How about a male preacher? lol
  15. I have been going to a site for bible teaching for about 5 or 6 years now. There is two main teachers there; Tom Bradford, who knows a great deal about the biblical languages. He has studied archeology and Egyptology; of which gives him perspective into the time of the bible. I have gone through his preaching, chapter by chapter, from Genesis through to Judges. I have jumped ahead; and I'm currently going through Daniel.

    One thing I like about Tom Bradford is if he speculates on anything, he tells you this is speculation on his part.

    The other preacher on the site is a Messianic Rabi. I haven't gone through very many of his studies; but the ones I've seen by him I have no objection too.

    I will tell you that by starting in the beginning, Genesis, it has opened up much more of the second testament(new testament).

    I also like that I can listen to most of the teaching and/or read it on a pc or my phone.
  16. without giving reasons I liked or admired
    st francis of assisi, padre pio, Italy,
    st seraphim of Russia,
    Sadhu Singh of india,
    smith wiggleworth of England,
    watchmen nee of china,
  17. Carter Conlin, from Times Square Church in New York, has a genuine
    fire and passion for God. He's on YouTube, or you can access his sermons
    at the TSC website.
  18. Are you from India? Interesting you know Sadhu Singh!!
  19. Not going to give names! Because there are plenty.. Just because I don't listen to someone does not mean they are false teachers. Just because I listen to someone does not mean I agree with them on every doctrine or they are right about everything! The smaller doctrinal differences does not matter. Today we label people are false preachers based on these differences. Also, we have variety of preachers.. Some who preach truth, but they don't go into deeper truth.. So it is very hard to even come up with labels..
  20. There are more than I can mention!
    Jesus Christ

    Oliver B. Green comes to my mind.
    L. Vernon Magee
    Billy Sunday
    John Sullivan
    John Piper
    Billy Graham ( I don't believe that he was that good of a speaker but the results he got are great).
    John Bunyan
    H.A. Ironside
    Charles Spurgeon
    D.L. Moody
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