true or false game

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  1. Nope, sorry! The secret is out! I'm in love with Jesus!

    PBM has dimples.
  2. True.

    TPBM plays a musical instrument. (not voice)
  3. I used to could play piano, flute, saxophone, tried guitar, am learning the lap harp right now.

    PBM sings very well.
  4. Sometimes.

    Do you like to sing harmony or melody?
  5. Harmony only as long as there is a strong singer beside me doing the melody, and I can hear the harmony. Melody all the other times. Really depends on the song and what key it is, too.

    PBM likes to mow lawns.
  6. Absolutely false. After cutting grass in 95+% temps at 95% humidity for 35 years God has blessed me with two teenagers to take care of that!:)

    TPBM likes to cook.
  7. False (ish. I like to eat. While I'm cooking I'm just like - Hurry up already let's get to the eating part :D)

    This thread is making liars out of a lot of people :p

    TPBM went to University.
  8. False. Went to the community junior college. Music first, (got married and didnt finish) then Paramedic.

    PBM loves thunderstorms.

  9. Negatory good buddy.

    TPBM gardened today.
  10. False. Not my garden, and we went to town this morning, and now its too hot! Maybe later when it cools off. Pick some fresh tomatoes and zuccinni and green beans.

    PBM loves zuccinni.
  11. False. I like zucchini.

    The person below me is looking forward to the long holiday weekend?
  12. TRUE! It means I'm finally going home after being gone for a month!

    PBM has big plans for the weekend!
  13. False.

    TPBM is better in Math, than in English.

  14. Wow... that's hilarious. I was aiming for the fitness thread, and some how it ended up in here. Oh well.. carry on. :D
  15. False. It's not so hilarious IMO. Didn't make me laugh at all. ;)

    TPBM is not going to skip my question, like the person above me did.
  16. True!

    TPBM has a good sense of humor!
  17. True.

    TPBM needed gasoline recently, but couldn't fill up because they couldn't afford it.
  18. True.

    TPBM is drinking their morning cup of coffee.
  19. Well, it WAS true! I did drink my morning coffee, but now its afternoon. I am now drinking my afternoon cherry/vanilla Dr. Pepper from the local drive in!

    TPBM has a compassionate heart.
  20. True. I seem to. (I like cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper too. :) )

    TPBM went out in the sunshine today.

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