true or false game

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  1. true england..........the person below will rise above,and defeat the evil,one.
  2. True. Actually been trou about 18 times now.
    Need more originality in our games these days.

    The poster below me is secretly Willy Wonka!
  3. False, I'm very open about it~:)

    TPBM bites his fingernails!

  4. :eek: Yep. Bites, peels, cuts, fingernails and those square little edges around them that some people would call skin. :p

    TPBM sometimes still sucks their thumb at night and holds their blankey close. :D
  5. False! I never sucked my thumb... My daughter does though, and I think is really cute!

    TPBM would like to take a trip to Europe.

  6. true ......the person below needs candles for a power cut.
  7. I hope not... False!

    TPBM believes in the Trinity!
  8. VERY true...TPBM is wearing a pink shirt and lime green shoes...
  9. False. Dark pink shirt, light pink slippers. :p

    TPBM is not a big meat eater.
  10. True.

    TPBM is from the Mid-West.
  11. No, I'm in Southern California. TEE HEE!

    The person below me is trying to figure out how to stay cool this summer. :p
  12. I just hate the heavy eating part of this hobby. My body is getting sick of it. :mad:

  13. [​IMG]The poster above me is confused.

    The poster below me loves movies
  14. True.

    TPBM is female.
  15. I'm from Southern California. Born and raised. :) (I need a thumbs up smiley!)

    TPBM is female.
  16. True!

    TPBM likes spaghetti.

    Here ya go, WisdomSeeker![​IMG]
  17. True! (but only my own)

    Thank you! [​IMG]

    TPBM is going to a concert this weekend.
  18. False. Though, it would be nice to go to the local Jazz Fest in the park. :D

    TPBM likes strawberry ice cream.
  19. Nope. Cherry ice cream and mint chocolate chip are my favorites.

    PBM has a big fluffy cat like mine that leave more hair around the house than is actually attatched to his body.
  20. True. Infact...DOUBLY true! 2 cats. and one keeps electrocuting us with his super power of staticy cat hair!!! :eek:

    The Poster Below Me is secretly in love with someone!

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