true or false game

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  1. true or false game

    I seen this on a another forum i thought it would be fun
    Basically it goes like this you make a statement about the poster below you and they reply true or false and make their own statement

    example--the poster below me likes the color blue

    the next post would be
    true the color blue rocks

    the poster below me likes to camp

    the next post would be like
    false i dislike camping
    the poster below me likes apples

    Ill start it off

    The poster below me likes to fish
  2. false haha not into fishing...

    the poster below me loves bananas :D
  3. I love bananas.
    The person below me needs a cup of coffee~
  4. True I need alot of coffee

    The poster below me wants a muffin.
  5. false, I want another Ice cream :p

    the poster below me isn't femal
  6. female even, lol jk this is true i am a female, :)

    the poster below me is ummm lemme see now
    ok i got it, the poster below me has a dog as a pet
  7. false :p

    next poster is o student
  8. True, I am a student along with my children, always wanting to learn something.
    (we home school)

    The person below me is still in their PJ's!
  9. False. I'm dressed & about to go for a picnic :D

    The person below me is listening to hillsong united!
  10. hmmm have to say false but i like hillsong united

    the person below me is eating sunflower seeds, :p
  11. False, Although I wish I had some right now...

    The next poster is a Male.
  12. True

    The next poster is shorter than 5 feet.
  13. I'm sorry I don't know how long a feet is :p

    the next poster isn't a :fish:
  14. True. You really like that icon don't you?

    The next person has their own forum.
  15. false ,but the person below likes candyfloss.
  16. false,
    The next person got baptiesed in the past 2 months.
  17. False, I was baptized a long time ago!

    The person below me loves seafood.
  18. true! i love crabmeat & prawns ('',)

    the person below me has never bungee jumped
  19. True, never have and never will!:)

    The person below me bites their nails
  20. False. I am eating the muffin Padelford mentioned earlier.
    The poster below me is in the USA

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