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  1. Troubles

    I know that God is always here for me.
    I know he listens.
    I am forever thankful to Him.
    Is it wrong to need a person to talk to your troubles about?
    Someone who can truly listen and not judge, offer you empathy, acknowledge your feelings, give advice and pray for and with you? Someone you can trust and actually pour your heart out to and let it be all about "you" and not about being disloyal to anyone who may be a part of your problems?

    What if you have no such person and feel you desperately need this? Any friend I may have, I would not want to share the details of my personal life with. Whining and complaining is no way to keep a friendship.

    I wonder if anyone else feels this way?
    What do you do?
    I have no minister or his wife.
    I have no relatives I can talk to about such personal things.
    Sometimes I fear all that is left for me to do is find a "problems" forum and stay anonymous.
    That doesn't feel very personal though.
    As positive as I try to be, it seems all I do lately is cry~

  2. Psalm 4:

    3 But know that the LORD has set apart for Himself him who is godly;
    The LORD will hear when I call to Him.
  3. We are human and as humans, we relate to and confide in our own kind in addition to confiding in God. God has given us all the ability to show compassion to our fellow humans, but whether we use that gift at all, depends upon who we are and whether or not we wish to 'get involved'.

    Way too many times, these days, someone will cry out for help and no one listens or cares. However, sometimes there is that one caring person who will come forth and make an attempt to help when no one else can or will.

    Being able to confide in a 'stranger' is difficult for most persons, but as humans and especially as Christians, we have also been given the gift of discernment... so we can look into the heart of the person offering the help and see if they are truly sincere.

    There are many good, honest, non-biased persons who can and will help. It is just a matter of patience in finding that one person who cares and whom we feel comfortable with. We also pray to Our Father to share one of His children with us in a confiding role... a person who will heed the call for help and who will take the time to do whatever is necessary to ease the burdens of the person in need.

    May God Bless...
  4. God could feed all the hungry and clothe all the naked and comfort all the afflicted all by His lonesome. What He has done, however, is to delegate much of those tasks to His servants. It pleases Him that we should minister to one another, even in our weakness and foolishness. So, in a word, no, it is far from wrong to desire to relate to a another flesh-bound spirit

    God cares, we care, and I care about you.
  5. We are instructed to bear ye one anothers burdens but we cannot do that if they aren't shared with us. It is also true in all to many churches that people are ignored- I have been in congregations where a person could die of loneliness and never be seen. The "extroverts" and the "pretty people" with social graces do fine but it is the others who suffer.
    Violet have you guys ever found a new home church? If so you need to plug into some of the home groups- there are many out there needing your ministry and love- as you give these you will find your healing process began.
    If you need someone to talk to you can always count on your CFS family but the real cure is to get out and share the love of Christ with others - there are so many bleeding wounded souls in church- God has given you understanding and compassion for these- share His love. I will keep you in my prayers as always- brother Larry
  6. Sister Violet,

    You are experience the greatest of all things in your life right now! The feelings you are feeling is the LORD working through your heart, in your life. He is preparing you for something, adjusting your heart, trying to tell you something and or moving/ changing your position or direction.

    Our father guides, disciplines and corrects those who are his ,so if your being diciplined, moved or taught that means you are his.
    And sister there can be no greater news than that!!!!

    I can't tell you what He has for you but Having been in the same situation myself I can suggest some things you might wish to concider.

    Maybe you need to pray aloud. so that you can hear a voice when alone with him. (I don't know why but that has helped me as I used to whisper or pray in my heart or siliently before)

    Maybe He is telling you that he wants you or that you need to be in a church fellowship.( I suggest that you visit some or go with someone you know to one).

    Knowing what I do of you from this forum I seriously doubt this is the answer. But I must state it just in case. Is there something or anything that you need to confess??? A sin, a temptation that has caused you to stumble or fall. A weakness that Satan has or is at least trying to take you down with???
    ( Sin needs confession for the heart of the believer to find peace)

    Maybe our father just wants you to call upon him, or re-evaluate and adjust something in your life. Or show you who you can and cannot trust.
    God always makes all thing for the best of those who love him. Knowing that can asure you that this is only a season and will pass and in the end it will be for your good.
    It is by the trials and tribulation the sorrow and suffering that we grow in christ. So above all be thankful that you have them.
    And from there seek to know and respond to what the father has for you

    Be encouraged for the LORD will let you suffer with this no longer than nescesary. And the blessing will be greater than he suffering. For that is the way of the LORD.

    In his love
  7. Thank you for all your kind words, PG and yes, I have been praying for that~

  8. Thank you, Rumely for the good advice.
    I care about you too~
    God Bless You
  9. No Brother Larry, we have not found a church and I feel alone in my search. Yes, I want to reach out to others very much!
    Thank you for your prayers~

  10. Kimmie as you know I ran a Christian Counseling Service for 18 years. That is because Chruistians do need someone to talk to. I saw many church leaders during that period.
    So your need is normal!
    It is not a sign of spiritual weakness.
    If you ever feel the need to chat in total 100% confidance that it will not be shared with anyone please feel free to email me. You have my address.
    Praying for you,
  11. :cross:
  12. Bless you Brother Ray and thank you so much!
  13. This is long, I'm sorry, but read it anyway, please!!!

    Hi there!

    I LOVE YOUR POST!!:goodpost::goodpost:

    That being said, let me just say that I have been looking to find someone like that to talk to and someone to trust me in that way and share anything and everything they want for seems like forever! C'mon, one of the sadest things in the Christiandom is the lack of openness and the absence of sincerity! I find that being honest about my self and all my short comings with people gives me true freedom and liberty, however, except for a couple of people here and there, I have never found someone I could confess my deepest fears, insecurities and faults without feeling or being judged! Yes, there is a time to apply wisdom, but we are called to bear one another's burdens for Goodness sake, so what happened??!! When and why have we become such "arm chair" judges of everything and everyone! Self righteousness some times rules more that real righteousness and that's because, if I point out a big light and judge your fault maybe no one will see mine! One time when I was going through a very hard time, struggling with a particular weakness, I made the mistake of confessing it to the wrong person! I hadn't even found out yet that I chose the wrong person when the Lord, on a Sunday morning when I was actually at my sink prepping some duck to make for dinner with those very friends I had confessed to, asked me question: He said: "Laura, do you remember what I did and said when those people were getting ready to stone the woman they had caught in adultery?" I said, sure Lord, I remember! You said: "Let the first of you who is without sin through the first stone!" I thought I had answered perfectly but the Lord continued asking me 3 times. Finally, I said: "Lord, I am obviously missing something here, so please show me what you're wanting me to see!" His answer surprised me more than I can tell you! He said: "I said let he who is without "SIN" through the first stone not let he who is without "THE SIN OF ADULTERY" through the first stone!" He continued: "For Me, ALL sin is the same, so just because you are going through this particular struggle (which had nothing to do with that scripture passage, by the way!), doesn't mean that you are worst off than someone else going through something different!" The point was that we ALL go through things and Jesus put us all here to be the BODY of Christ and help one another, so NO, it's not wrong to want someone in your life to be a safe heaven for you! Actually we all should have someone like that and there are people with that kind of gift! The fact that you and I live so far apart means nothing! I CAN BE AND VOLUNTEER TO BE THAT PERSON FOR YOU! Tell me anything and everything and remember that I've heard and witnessed a lot and especially that I am not even remotely close to perfect, so you're safe! I love you sister!

  14. don,t worry my friend,the closer you get to good the more evil tries to infultrate you,but the good thing is you know whats going on you are not in the land of nod,you can rebuff evil and you know why it is trying to stop you.just ask for help,be strong in yourself overcome evil.:read-bible:
  15. Just remember sis- no one is perfect. We all stumble at times- God is not in the business of rejecting us. If you had a baby you would not be disapointed if she feel but instead would help her to try again. Look up at Daddy, lift your arms and let Him help you up again!
  16. Thank you all and bless you!
  17. No Violet Thank you and bless you!
  18. That is one thing I do, Bro. Larry; lift my arms in praise to Him~
    One reason I no longer go to the church I can walk to....they don't believe in that!

  19. Just remember, even when we cannot see it- God always has a plan!
  20. And his plan is perfect. So many times in my life, I have not understood what was happening to me, but when I looked back in hindsight, I realized that everything was perfect. The pattern and the details fit together beautifully, there is a rythym and a melody to his perfect plan. If anyone on this forum needs a non-judgemental person to talk to, they can pm me. I've been through a lot and I'm only saved by God's amazing grace.

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