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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Michael D, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm a new member who seems to have caught the attention of a member I'm not comfortable with. This person states that they hate Christianity, among other things. They've started a conversation with me but the posts keep getting stranger and stranger. I don't want to be unkind to anyone but frankly I'm a bit concerned. It seems this person has some kind of mental health issues. Suggestions? I don't want to come right out and name the person in public as I don't want to embaress them but it has gotten to the point of name-calling, from them, not from me, and I'm at a loss as to how to proceed. Your guidance appreciated.

  2. Message me with the details, please.
  3. Hi,

    This person stated something about hating Christianity, that Christians didn't show him or her love when they wanted it, and they called me puffy-headed. I'm fairly thick-skinned and this isn't much of an insult, but it is rather strange. Other statements didn't make much sense to me. I do not wish this person any ill feelings but I was sort of overwhelmed, being a new member and having unexpected things said to me.

    I have received very nice welcomes from other members. I won't be discouraged by just one member who doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. I like the people who have responded to my introduction. I realize every public forum is prone to attract those who don't seem to act in a logical manner and I don't hold the forum per se to be responsible. The person posting is solely responsible for the content, not the moderators or administrators. I thank you for your quick reply and I still look forward to fellowship with other Christians here. Thank you again.

  4. Mike,

    I believe I know who you are referring to. He was banned for his actions.
  5. I noticed that he's got some bizarre behavior that I've experienced with a male friend of mine. He said it was the prescription drugs they scheduled him to take. He said he got worse from taking the meds. I'm sad :(, I wasn't even able to share that to this other member.

    Oh wait :)! He can be a guest!
  6. Hi gemma,

    I hope this person gets the help they need.

    Love your avatar. I really love kittycats!

  7. I hope so, too, Mike.

    Thanks! I thought it was cute so I took it out from someone else's avatar. :)
  8. I'm sorry to hear that, Michael. Please know that whatever you say to staff members on here remain confidential :) :) :) :) :)
    It's good that you stepped forward!
  9. me too, :) somehow it seems to fit you, gemma.
  10. Hi gemma, xspinningisfun and Ginger! I just now got home from work. Well, this person's posts started to get a bit strange. I tried to mollify the effect by reacting with humor, hoping that I'd find out that this person was just kidding around, but my approach seemed to encourage more off the path commenatary. I hope what I said in my replies wasn't construed as being a mockery of anyone or Christianity, which I take very seriously.

    I may be scripturally ignorant at present but I am very much a defender of the Christian faith, even if it turns out I'm not really a good example of one yet, I am decidedly in favor of Christianity and take personally any attacks by athiests or liberals who jeer at Christians, or even do something like imbed a Nativity scene in urine and call it "art", or those who are very much not in step with their" walk". I believe in conservative fundamentalism, and I watch what is said about Jesus to gauge wheather or not a professed faith or church doctrine is really on the mark, even tho I'm admittedly very ignorant still, but I'm hoping I can learn from other dedicated Christians.

    My living situation at present doesn't permit me to have a cat of my own but I put food and water out for the local strays and the ones who don't get fed regularly by their owners. Maybe it's unusual for a guy to admit he loves cats, but I have all my life. I love all animals but kittycats have always been my favorite.:D

    Thank you nice people for making me feel welcome!

  11. lol :)
    No worries there, Mike. I hold nothing against you.

    Regarding the first kittycat comment, uhh.... It just felt different that a guy would admit something like that...and in public! Now I know that you stood by what you said, I feel totally cool with that (and all the help that you do for the strays)! I know someone personally, a mean-looking (but nice) guy, who loves cats! I couldn't resist telling him my unbelief and he said the same thing to me. But his cats play rough on me so I guess it depends on the owner's personality. Anyways, you're the second guy I know that adores cats. :)
  12. Thanks gemma,

    Ahh, you hold nothing against me? I'm glad to hear that!:D Maybe some guys just don't want to admit they love kittycats. Some macho trip or something.

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  13. Geeze, where did everyone go?
  14. I don't know about everyone else, but I've been in Wisconsin visiting my best friend and her husband. We had a blast!!!!

    I dont get out much, so it was a really great weekend for me. My three boys came with, but my daughter had to work. :-(

    We went to Action City, swimming at the hotel. Then, after dinner we went to the movies. Jake went with Gene to see Priest, Tommy went with Diane to see Thron, I think....or was it Tron..... I took Cruz to Rio! Very funny cartoon.

    Sunday we went to church, then to my friend's home for lunch and off to the park!!!!

    They have a really nice park in Chippewa Falls. Lots of animals to see, including a Siberian Tiger which is my favorite and an albino Peacock!!!

    The kids played on the playground for awhile, then it was back to the house for cake....Jake's b-day was saturday.

    Then we headed for home.
  15. Hi Ginger,

    Sounds as tho a good time was had by all, Very good! And it's always nice to get out and about. I'll probably do some travelling in July. Lansing is one place for sure. Maybe somewhere else too, don't know where yet tho.


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