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  1. Having a high level of education and knowledge of many religious things, not just Christianity but also the other major religions such as Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and the like, I find it almost impossible to go to a church and feel comfortable. There are so, so many inconsistencies that I hear and the fact that I have a hard time not calling people out on them, often finds me being.....what's the word; branded as a troublemaker in a way.

    I found this to be especially true when you sit with the pastor and question something he was talking about in a sermon. Sure, they are pleasant enough and answer the questions but you can just tell that they would rather you not be there, questioning them so I usually end up leaving that church and looking for a new one with the same results.

    I certainly do not mean to be problematic but I would like to know what the correct things are so my faith stays as strong as possible but apparently many people seem set in their ways in the little church communities they have developed and do not want that disturbed by some outsider.

    Perhaps it is me that is the problem although I do not think so but my question is this; are there other forms of fellowship a Christian can seek or is it ordained that we must attend a church even if we cannot find one that seems to agree with us. I ask because I am quickly running out of churches in my area and driving for 2 hours for a service seems a bit much.
  2. I dont know, yes 2 hours to find fellowship seems extreme yet i know of some christians who did this cos all other churches were closed to them.
    When I felt didnt fit in with anyone i thought of joining the Quakers as heard you just sit in silence and wait till you hear from God, theres no sermons.
    I didnt, and havent been to any Quaker meeting, but I can just sit in silence at home I dont have to travel 2 hours...and when in communion with God, realise the Holy Spirit there to comfort me so its not like Im alone and not in fellowship, as Jesus is in fellowship with you when you abide in Him.

    I do go to a bible believing church now, thats what people call it, i.e. One that preaches from the bible and though sometimes I feel bits left out that id like to know more about I think the missing parts provoke me to seek Him more. I had to be somewhere where the elders spiritually mature cos did go somewhere else for little while but found many were not so. And that hurt my walk. can go to the fellowship part of this forum if you just want to hang with us.
  3. The answer is simple. Ask God to lead you to a place where you can be taught and led in the word of God. Wait on His leading. He will direct you to where you can be fed and where you can also minister to others. Then commit your way into God's hands and receive the leaders he has placed over you as His loving way. He appoints shepherds for a reason, and questioning is not a bad thing, but criticism and unrest is not a good thing. Moving from church to church is also not a wise behaviour, because you will never find the perfect church group, and if you ever did, once you get there, it will no longer be perfect, now, will it?

    This passage comes to mind:

    Psalm 1:3
    3 He shall be like a tree
    Planted by the rivers of water,
    That brings forth its fruit in its season,
    Whose leaf also shall not wither;
    And whatever he does shall prosper.

    Our job is to allow God to plant us, and then bloom where we are planted. Then don't move unless He distinctly tells us to move. It doesn't matter if one has to drive 2 hours to get there. If that is where He leads, go...even move house if necessary.
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  4. I am embarrassed I did not think of that myself. I will begin asking him to guide me wherever he wants then and trust him to put me where he wants me.

    Thank you
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  5. I appreciate your reply! I spoke out of my experience, when the Lord moved us away physically from the place where my husband grew up and worshiped since I was 6 years old, I had to rely on God to lead me to the place He desired me to grow further in. We prayed and left the leading to Him. We visited one well-known church in our new area, but something happened that day that showed me that it was not the place for us. Then God reminded me of a church that caught my attention years before, so we went there the next week, and discovered that very day that it was "home", and we have grown exponentially every since. He has caused me personally to put strong roots down so that I will never be moved! It is a place where I can drink of that living water in safety and security.
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  6. Here is the best answer any one can ever give you. PRAY and ASK GOD where HE wants you planted and then go there no matter where it is and stay planted until He moves you. It is as simple as that............Nothing else matters. Not your feelings of the pastor other then better be walkiing in Love and all your questioning of things do not really matter if you simply Ask - Seek - Knock- Listen and Obey. It is God in whom you trust and desire to please correct ?
    This was something I had to learn and oncve i did it changed my life.
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  7. Christ came and showed us that He is our High Priest and our body is now the Temple. There is no building needed other than to facilitate the gathering of believers. There is no priest/pastor/reverend needed other than to facilitate and manage the gathering....None of it isneeded for salvation. Baptism, communion, marriage..........can be performed spiritually by anyone. Now legally, an ordained minister or gov. servant must perform a marriage, but if you and a woman were marooned on an island and declared yourselves married before God, He honors that. Same with baptism. Or communion.
    We are commanded not to forsake the gathering of christians and it is very useful for growth, edification, prayer and countless other things a christian needs in their walk. But if you found yourself alone in the are no less a christian.
    What I'm saying is don't get panicky if you haven't found a body of believers yet. Your salvation doesn't depend on that.
  8. yea sometimes you need that alone time with God before he places you somewhere. The Lord is your shepherd.

    the christians that travelled 2 hours? Well they were kinda fundamentalists so I suppose they rejected any church that wasn't exactly to their requirements. But I would say, grow where you planted and reach out to your neighbours. Again ask Him where to go.

    I've been to different churches but even if I didn't stay in them I learned from each. Definitely God lead me to the one I go to now, and he led me OUT of the one I went to before. Although he did want me there for a while. So..your faith in Jesus not gonna crumble if you don't find the exact church right? Also read the Bible before you go...cos we not meant to take our teaching from just one person each Sunday we meant to be studying for ourselves.
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