Trials and Troubles more precious than gold

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  1. Character definition: Jesus Christ did only the Father's will and paid a price greater than we can imagine.
    Character deficient: Lucifer fell because he was not able to stand in his given status.

    As a free moral agent if character was a gift it would preclude direction and it wouldn't be character at all.
    Understanding that character is not a gift but must be developed in this time loop and that character is only developed through the process of being tested to the point of personal failure so that we might not be self sufficient but lean on Him.
    If character is the only attribute that we take with us from this temporary realm to the eternal does it not imply that it is not a vain quality but one which may predetermine our placement on the other side?
    Does not this make trials and troubles more precious than gold in that it is preparing us for that which the eye has not seen nor the mind conceived.
    Question: Did Adam and Eve possess character?
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  2. I would imagine that they would have the character of God, since they were made in His image. Even the angels have character(both the good and evil) since some sided with God and some sided with Satan. Although, they wouldn't posses the type of character that you are defining.
  3. We have called these days charactor building days for when the hard times come or little testings of you faith and patience come, well every one gets to see your true charactor.
    Example do you use the horn like a cannon or do you praise God and lift them up ?
  4. Hmm well after the fall, maybe their character developed.
    Before they were innocent, then after those bad things happened and they sinned, they were outside the garden, and they had to learn to live without Gods constant presence.

    Adam had to work the soil and Eve had to bear children, and go through birth pains and the loss of her son when Cain murdered him.
    Eve had to make clothes to wear.
    I suspect Adam had to learn how to grow plants and look after animals, and then teach his sons to do that as well. They also had to teach their children right from wrong...and to obey God.
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    The only thing that is more "precious" then Gold is "Wisdom". Wisdom is "understanding" the ways of God in how he moves and thinks.
    All born again Christians have the "character" of God in them, as that is exactly what Jesus Christ brings when he becomes man's new "heart" along with the Spirit of God. These are the "characters" we have abiding in every believer.

    Gal 5:22.. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
    Gal 5:23.. gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

    Going through trails and tribulations bring forth these "characters" out to be seen by all which have no law that can come against them.
    What makes each and every Christian unique from each other is their "personalities" they give to this character.

    When we are weak then are we strong. The more we are out of the way the more God's character comes through us.

    Rom 5:3.. Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, (ESV)
    Rom 5:4.. and endurance produces character, and character produces hope,

    Sufferings do not "create" character, it only brings them forth from within us.
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  6. Adam and Eve possessed perfect character, created in the very image of God, but sin opened up a crevasse of a flaw that is now inherent in all of us who now have the ability to choose evil over good.
  7. Sorry 2404. I cannot follow your definition of 'character' with other parts of the post.
    To me, this points to knowing the Truth and being obedient to the Truth.
    This part of the definition is irrelevant to the first part, because the price was his body, not His Spirit.
    In this regard, I can only reply to the last question...
    Even Judas possessed character. John 17:12 "While I was with them safe by that name you gave me. None has been lost except the one doomed to destruction so that Scripture would be fulfilled."
  8. Every one has charactor or characteristics or how one behaves or acts.
    When Adam and Eve fell the light went out in the garden. Another words the Glory that shined throughout them was removed. Sin entered and we are all now born to sin or in sin.

    We can grow through trials and temptations but they are not given by God to do anything in us.
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  9. I think we are saying the same thing in that character is defined by being 'obedient to the Truth'.
    As to the nature of the price He paid, I believe it went far beyond this physical realm for when He cried 'My God why, why hast thou forsaken me?' it speaks of greater things than physical suffering.
    As for Judas possessing real character. I would say he was living in deception.
  10. With a eternal omniscient and omnipotent God everything serves His purpose including trials and troubles. There is no idle occurrence.
    If this realm is a pale reflection of the things to come then surely things that have purpose on this side are only magnified on the other.
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  11. Thank you 2404 for your response.
    To me, "My God why, why hast thou forsaken me?" refers to Jesus had a shift of reference from his Spirit-self to his human-self.

    Whenever my mind is fixed on the physical world, I believe I am my body, I experience separation from God and blame God for abandoning me.
    My mind is full of untruths of self-fabricated stories about things. Physical suffering is nothing more than believing in the false stories I have about pain.

    Whenever my mind is fixed on the Spiritual reality, I know I am not the body. I experience oneness with God and know that God has never abandoned me.
    My mind is aware of the truth about things. Physical pain is nothing more than sensations from the damaged nerves as a warning for body survival.

    In regards to Judas, if someone was 'doomed', I would see that as having no choice.
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    If you are saying that everything happens for His purpose then you would be incorrect.
    If you are saying He is in control of everything that happens here in this earth then again you would be incorrect.

    To be truthful this makes no sense what so ever. Can you explain what you are saying here.
    Thanks and Blessings
  13. I am pretty sure I know what he is saying. It makes sense to me.
  14. Charactor..The combination of mental characteristics and behavior that distinguishes a person or group

    If we follow His plan for man then we will indeed build up the Spirit man and walk in the Spirit but if we do not build up the Spirit man then we will walk in the flesh just like any other natural un-bornagain man.

    Trials and such come from living in this world. They do not make us who we are only allowing the word of God to change us makes us who we are as Chrisitians. Trials and such show your charactor or what you are made up of or even lack but are not a tool to make us better or anything else.

    If we are wise when we have trials and such and as the smelting pot refining gold and the impurities float to the top we then can see what needs to be removed of us or changed and this takes God for we can not produce lasting results on our own.
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  15. So make sense of it then/
  16. Well Mykuhl I am waiting ?
  17. I had a feeling you would something like that[emoji14]
  18. Lol Jim, I think it would better if I let him explain it.
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  19. Too Funny Mykuhl I kind of had the same thought !
  20. Are you saying things happen outside of His purpose / will? If so, like what? God is not omniscient and omnipotent?

    Everything that happened, is happening and will happen is according to His purpose. Free will to hate Him, random events, not listening to sinners prayers and all things that appear to be outside His purpose / control are simply evidence of a greater purpose.

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