Treating Others Better Than Ourselves

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  1. Here's a quote I really love...

    "Real courtesy is this; each one has such humility as to consider everyone else better than himself, so that instead of the superior being condescending to the inferior, instead of the inferior eliminating the superior. Rather, you do have this relationship in which the inferior is served by the superior and considers him better than himself.

    Why consider anyone else better than ourselves? Well, first of all we can be absolutely sure about the worst in ourselves. We know that. But we can never be sure about the worst that is in our neighbor, we can only suspect that. Now since we can be sure about how rotten we are, we certainly ought to be polite to those people we can't even be so sure about."
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  2. It is nice to treat others better than ourselves.

    Very altruistic.

    But the command is to treat as equal.

    Treating others better than yourself will lead to possible abuse of yourself. That then breaks the second command.
  3. Try not to misinterpret this. It's not suggesting mistreatment of one's self.
  4. I think that's a great practical quote. I think I've heard something like that before, as in always consider others better than yourself. In fact I think its a scripture.
  5. Is it possible that Mr Shapiro in the Spirit of Christ demonstrates this kind of humble and polite disposition in thread-after-thread?

    I will be first to affirm it to be true
  6. Loving neighbor as yourself is not translated into ''treating them equal'', but rather ''do unto others as you would like done unto you''.

    Is turning the left cheek equal? Giving cloak and coat, equal?
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  7. Your quotation appears to me to be somewhat of a rewrite, a rethink, of James 1:27. I think I can fairly well do James 1:27, but I'm not sure I am capable of truly doing what your quotation suggests.
  8. Thank you, Fiction.

    The act of this sentiment that comes to mind is Christ washing the feet of others.
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  9. that is a good question by KingJ.....

    am not sure but I think I read somewhere that mr. dave lucas mentioned he likes Boolean logic? ........ thus am interested for his answer...
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  10. IF I treat you different than I would want to be treated, we are not on equal footing.

    If I treat you worse, not equal, better not equal.

    Turning the cheek is do slights, we do not return them in like kind.

    The coat and cloak is to give freely, because it is NOT yours to begin with.

    All the things you have is God's.

    He gave you the job that provides the money. Sustains your health to work that job and therefore you can trade that money for things.

    So God gives you that.

    Nowhere did it state that you are to give your cloak at your own detriment. In that case you share it.

    Nor to allow a person to give or a slight and then let them continue.

    Balance. Do not love too little nor too much.

    Be complete, like God was the instruction of The King.

  11. Hmmm. Dave, do you believe we are to love our enemies?

  12. I love this. Christ was spit,beaten upon and so definitely wasnt fair for Him and He was God..
    Being treated like crap isn't fun but forgiving those that wrong you whether it was justified or not makes us different from the rest of the world. This is what I need to work on and master.
  13. Great thread Shapiro!✴ ^.^

    If the winning button was still here I'd give you one, since it's not I hope you accept a star instead: ✴
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  14. Thank you for the star!
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  15. :)
  16. Yes we are to love them, not love them more than ourselves.

    There has to be balance. To love yourself in the second command is just as important as others.

    In loving yourself, you are also loving God, because he loves you too, enough to put himself in you.
  17. Who said anything about loving others more than ourselves?
  18. "Treating Others Better Than Ourselves"

    Sorry, must have posted in the wrong thread.
  19. Dave, with all due respect, I meant what I said. There's a difference between loving others as we love ourselves, and putting others before ourselves.
  20. Why would you treat yourself well at all?
    What would be the motivation?

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