Traveling in New Mexico

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  1. During my working years, I made many trips to New Mexico. I would fly into Albuquerque, rent a car, and drive to Farmington. It covers miles and miles of arid land.

    I had a breakdown half way between - in the middle of nowhere.

    I pulled over and put flowers on the trunk and on the hood. Shortly, a New Mexico Highway Patrol car came by and stopped.

    The officer asked: "What's with the flowers?"

    I told him that, I saw a sign at a gas station that said: "Last Service For 120 Miles." I pulled in and asked the attendant: "What if I have a breakdown?" He told me to put out flares front and back - so I went to the flower shop next door and purchased two dozen. I was surprised at how good that worked.
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  2. Southerners! hehehe that's funny
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  3. Ummm I thot that would catch your attention....aaaaaahahaha

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