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  1. If you could travel anywhere in the United States or Canada where would you go?

    I have no idea where this thread belongs.
  2. Awesome.. I love this. I want to go to Cedar Point in Ohio:) haven't been in a long time. Also, Hawaii. Duh;-)
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  3. I'd love to take my family along route 66. It would be such an adventure , a dream, an amazing experience for us and it'd be so cool. In a camper van. I'm from UK and never been to US.
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  4. West Coast (places like Grand Canyon), Florida..
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  5. DH wants me to pick a place he can take me for our tenth anniversary this year! We are going to take our one-year-old (my mom is going to come watch the other three). We need somewhere fun for a one-year-old, but still romantic. :p
  6. Nice! My wedding anniversary is coming up.. In May.. I have a 2.5 years old daughter.. Given that my wife is just regaining her health, we are still wondering where to go.. Guess we will go for some family resort where my kid can also have some fun..
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  7. Cool! What anniversary will you be celebrating? We haven't really done too much traveling and are looking forward to this trip. We want to do a family trip within the next year or so with all the kids, too.
  8. Do not pay to walk out in the see thru balcony thing at the GC. Rip-off report!! Lol

    Florida is on the east coast--- go to CA.. It's better anyway ;-)
  9. I want to see the everglades in Florida or go see the deadliest catch crab boats in Alaska.
  10. I'd probably opt for the Maritime Provinces in Canada. I think I'd like to visit Cape Breton most of all. For the US, I'd probably go for New England.

    I'm from the UK and have never been to North America (or just about anywhere else for that matter.)
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  11. Looking into all everyone's suggestions... well, except for the deadliest catch crab boats in Alaska. LOL, probably not a good idea with a baby!
  12. My wife says the Wisconsin Dells is pretty fun for the family. Never been there myself
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  13. Yay, another suggestion! :)
  14. Just started looking and it looks like a lot of fun.
  15. Well, Florida is still one place I want to visit.. I am in NJ and it is so far away! Same goes for CA.. But sometime we will plan.. May be end of this year.. Let's see
  16. This year it will be completing 4 years.. Still a young couple huh! :D

    Last year we went to Vermont.. It was awesome.. We stayed in a resort.. A small village kind of place.. That's why this time also we wanted to go to some resort.. Let's see how it goes :)

    Not sure if you are looking for some place with lot of travel or resort kind of place.. Groupon sometimes will have some good deals..
  17. Well good luck and I hope you enjoy wherever you visit.

    I'm not sure it would be your thing but an attraction of the part of Canada I mentioned for me is that I might find some music I'm at least vaguely familiar with (although I mostly play Irish jigs, reels, etc.). Anyway, here are a couple of songs:

    Ballad of St. Anne's Reel. Written by Dave Mallet, a tale of someone getting stranded on Prince Edward Island. The reel that is goes into is traditional Canadian (I think French Canadian) although it's equally at home in Irish sessions.

    Song For the Mira. I think this Allister Gillivray song makes the Mira river sound nice.
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  18. Fly to my country. Your dollars will go far! and lot's to do.
  19. The links you posted made me really nostalgic, Jon! What instrument do you play? My family is French Canadian, and my grandfather is a violin maker by trade. I spent much of my childhood in kitchens packed with slightly inebriated Frenchmen with instruments stumbling jovially through jigs and reels late into the night.

    Here's a folk song about where I'm from that you may appreciate. Mostly, people go there for holidays if they want to catch fish and hunt bear. Not sure if that qualifies as "romantic" and "suitable for one year-olds" or not, Sweet Pea :) Although, if you like camping, the Muskoka region of Ontario is incredible, and not a bad drive from Niagara falls.

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  20. The dells are great! Haven't been there since I was really young though.

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