Transformations in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

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  1. A friend has recently expressed some profound experiences that I myself cannot explain. I have thusly turned to scripture to shed some Light and to offer possible understandings. The story sounds very strange, but at times, my friend has said, she feels outside of herself. At others, she feels inside of different things. I have had conversations with my community about these feelings and I was directed to a passage [1 Corinthians 9:19-23] in which Paul uses his freedom to transform himself to save others:

    Paul alters himself to appear like other people to that he might have empathy to their way of being and help them to see the Light. However, in my friend's case she is transformed into things and things into her. I have told her this must be a sign. But a sign of what? Do you think I could use this passage to suggest that her experiences be used like Paul's to develop empathy for other ways of being? Perhaps things too might be saved. If they can be demonic, perhaps they too can be angelic. How beautiful would a world of truly Christian things be!

    I await any thoughts or directions you might suggest.
  2. This is not saying we need to become someone else but let the side of us that is best suited to come out to win people to Christ.

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