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  1. Ok I used to play a few trading card games as a kid I thought they were fun but I forgot about them and I recently started playing a few on my Xbox I know that some of the cards might be monsters and wizards and stuff like that but I'm not actually practicing witchcraft or anything nor do I ever want to I know it's just fake made up pictures on pieces of cardboard so is it still bad because I like them because it's a strategy game and like a big puzzle so I just need a little help here.
  2. I'm not one who sees or looks for demons everywhere, but this is what I have experienced, back in the states when working with the youth one of the girls was into heavy metal music, she had their records and posters on her walls, she was constantly pulling on her hair when she was in her room, not outside, just in her room, so much so she was practically bald, then one night a demon entered her room, she started screaming, "get out in the name of Jesus," and walking forward, the demon left her room and went down the hall and out through the wall, her mother awoke because of her screaming and witnessed the whole thing standing in her bedroom door, they called the pastor and he called a couple of the elders and they removed all of the "stuff" from her room that night, ...then here in Tahiti, there are real live warlocks and witches, twice I have had them come on my property to pronounce a curse on me, but greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world, so their curses were empty words, one of the favorite tourist attractions here is walking 20 feet across hot burning coals, this "attraction" is hosted/preformed by a well know warlock, personally, when our nephew and niece were younger and staying with us, one night they couldn't sleep in their room, they saw green eyes looking at them, they came and slept with us that night, the next day I searched the room and found in my nephew's backpack a notebook cover that had drawings of wizards and occultic things, after showing them the cover he confessed a boy at school, that he didn't know, had given it to him and he had forgotten it was in his backpack, ...I took it outside and burned it and peace returned to our home.

    Now, what does the Word of God say about this, "Can one walk on burning coals and their feet not be burned?" Pro 6"28, so this proves there is a supernatural force working here that is not of God, but rather the enemy, also Deu 7:26 instructs us about accursed things, the young girl had brought accursed things into her bedroom, ...those that study these things and those that have come out of satanic worship verify their teachings, say that the demons and the angels are in another dimension, Scripture teaches us the Angels have free access to our dimension, but the demons are restricted outside, however we can willing or unwillingly invite then into our dimension, now most Christians don't want to invite a demon into their house, but remember, the serpent was more cunning then all the beasts, so he has ways of getting into to our houses without us knowing it, one way is he uses a talisman, a talisman is any three dimensional object that has been "blessed" by a witch or warlock, then sold to the public as unobtrusive souvenirs or trinkets that we bring home and set up in our houses, that establishes a "point of contact" for the dark side to have a foothold into our dimension, inside of our homes, while no spirit filled Christian can be possessed they can be influenced or disturbed, if enough talismans are accumulated in a home then demons can enter in to our dimension, which is what happened in the young girls bedroom.

    So, may I humbly ask, do you think it's a "good" thing to have accursed things in your house? Now that you know the danger it's probably a good idea to throw them away immediately.


  3. :) Not at all. Imagination = Gift from God = Fantasy. Are we really going to give the devil all the credit?

    Amongst the unsaved, they do need to invite demons in. So watching extreme horror / getting weird and freaky statues / ornaments / posters / video games can be a window for that. BUT amongst the saved. Lol, not a chance. Watching horror or playing scary video game only freaks us out. As long as Jesus is the Lord of our lives, He is in charge of which guests come in and go out.

    As a parent / older brother though we must give further consideration to our kids / younger siblings. We may be immune to the ''devil behind the scene'' (as is the case with 99% of all movies and video games as we are in the world..), but are they? We need to discern carefully! I won't let my kid watch and play many things until I know he has his footing in Christ.
  4. There are a lot of very good Christians who look very deeply for anything that they would associate with evil and call it evil. A drawing of a bat...evil. Skulls? Very evil. A wizard? Super evil. There isn't really anything wrong with that philosophy. While I don't see these as inherently evil, I recognize the desire for a Christian to avoid even the most vague association with anything that could even be remotely tied to evil.

    However, there is always a line. There has to be unless we all go find a field somewhere, live naked, and rely on God to provide manna from Heaven, because in our everyday lives, we are constantly bombarded with some form of evil. Our money is supporting companies that in one way or another promote evil, either by buying from evil suppliers, or even by paying their employees who might be using that money to buy porn or drugs. The main difference between one philosophy or another is simply where that line is drawn. Many try to draw their own lines, and most of those then try to draw those same lines for others.

    The thing is, the central core of Christianity isn't so much an absence of evil. It isn't a lack of anything, but Christianity is all about a presence. Either love is present, or it is not. Either the Holy Spirit is in you, or He is not. Either you have Christ in your heart, or you do not. It does nobody any good to attempt to remove wickedness if God isn't already there. When Love is the focus, it's amazing how many of these others issues just don't seem all that important anymore. When that happens, you will find that the Holy Spirit will draw the line for you.
  5. Thank you everyone this helps a lot and to just passing thru I see where you are coming from but just like the other guys have said I don't see it as a high form of evil I see that it may not support my Christian life but I don't get to involved and I wouldn't associate myself with the kind of people that would take it seriously enough to want to hurt me so I will take to heart what you all have said and be careful what I invite into my heart and home and again. Thank you

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