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  1. Tractor

    I just got a new tractor for my wife!!!!!
    :D:D:D:D:D Best trade I ever made AAAAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!roflmao!
  2. Hope she likes it! :D :D :D

    Maybe she'll let you ride it sometime!? :D :D :D

  3. read the small print:D in red
  4. :D:D:D You are something else Chili. Hahahahahahahhehehehe
  5. Got to keep helps me forget the pain:D:cool:
  6. That's right, annoint and pray and praise God in the midst of it. I am keeping you lifted brother. Hang in there for God is in Control. Just tell the devil to leave and start quoting those healing scriptures and watch the devil flee.
  7. Oh man. I missed that! You are truly something else! :D :D :D
  8. You should see the new riding mower I just got for my wife......


    :D :cool: :D
  9. I love this! I have a picture of it hanging in my office.

    My caption reads . . . "Cajun Riding Lawn Mower!"

  10. I like it. Good for exercising too. There would be no grass to cut when I'm through with that.:D:D
  11. Oh No .... You are not nice .... Not a good exchange . I hope she did not see this joke .... He he :D:D

  12. It's a shirt that she bought me!!! :D
  13. Oh ok then ... I don't feel so bad now. :)
  14. wifees' got a sense of humor!
  15. She would have to have with a guy like you around .:smile_anim::smile_anim::smile_anim:.... :eek::eek::eek: He he .... :):Doh now I am in hot water.

  16. I just got a new fishin pole for my moderator!!
    2nd best trade I ever made:D:dance::dance::funnypost::D:p:p
    I love you mom hehehehe
    good come back tho, I like it

    Chili out
  17. Oh at least you still wuvs , me dats goooood ..... tanks dat means a lot .



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