Total Surrender

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  1. What is your definition of total surrender to God, and when did it happen for you?
    Much peace be upon you all, as you ask God for the Words of your testimony, and answer for total surrender.
  2. When I became fully aware that all my thoughts were of evil all the time. When I noticed all my actions, and words were for my own selfish motives, and gain.
    When I discovered there was nothing I could do to stop any of these things no matter how much I wanted to. I surrendered, when I called out to Jesus to take my life completely, and do with it as he sees, and to make me an instrument of righteousness in the hands of a Holy God. I am now not my own, for I have been bought with a price, and he has marked me as his own by giving me His Holy Spirit as a guarantee that I am his forever.
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  3. Indeed - :)
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  4. Woweee what a wonderful topic! Surrender in a way can be scary, but once your trust in God is to the point that you can be down to the last drop of shampoo, and you don't's great and soooo refreshing. That's the point of peace and truly beginning to walk every moment by faith. As the Bible says the just shall live by faith.
    My point of total surrender began about 7 1/2 years ago. My life was a mess. I was divorced, i had lost custody of my children, due to a bad lifestyle and my daughter (who lived with me, because her dad kicked her out) was hooked on meth, and the thought that gang life was fun or a good thing. Even though i knew Jesus, and had thought i had walked with Him, practically all my life, i chose to walk away because i could not get myself right. I felt like i was two or three different people sometimes.
    But in the midst of my mess, God sent a very loving and kind friend to love me and not judge me. And he helped encourage me to stand up and be a whosoever. Right before sending an encourager, i began to sing Jesus take the wheel, cuz i truly knew that the things that i was going through with my daughter was more than i could handle. And i knew in my heart that there was this fear of God turning me over to a reprobate mind. To me it seemed that in the 5 years that i was away from Him, there were times when i knew He was just waiting for me to return, and that He was reminding me that He was still there. Even in those dark times when i just didn't want to be alive anymore.
    As i began to seek the Lord again, digging my Bible out, and trying to get back to where i used to be, i tell you it was difficult at first. I had a real difficult time understanding the easy to read version of the Bible. This is when God sent the encourager to encourage me to keep trying and stay in the word. God is sooooo good! When i got past some of the roadblocks in my mind i felt a lot clearer, and excited to be back in communion with God.
    It took me loosing my job, then my unemployment, and moving clear across the usa, for God to get me to a place of total surrender, and learning to lean and trust in Him. And as He has so graciously put a roof over my head, i am totally ready to move out of my friends apartment, and go forth in all that His future for me holds.
    There has been a lot of ups and downs and a lot of my being cranky, because my flesh could not be in control. I think that has been the hardest things that i have had to learn, how to make my flesh, and i have to have it my way attitude, submit.
    But Glory be to God!!! I am a new creature in Christ and to me it was all worth it. God has prepared me every step of the way! And taken awesome wonderful care of me!
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  5. Total Surrender now that is something that I am working on each and every day.
    I made a choice to decide to surrender totally to God when it seemed like I was not getting any place fast. I would see area's of my life move forward by the grace of God and then, wham it seemed I was three steps back agaian. So I prayed and prayed and poured out my heart to God. I had seen several Christians who just seem to glow in His everything and their eyes were so full of life and they were happy and full of joy even if things were real hard.

    Well it did not take a rocket scientist to set my lightning fast mind into action. Man I wanted what ever it was they had. I mean I ran as fast as I could to God and fell flat on my face before Him and I wanted what it was they had. I wanted to know what it was and how can I get to the place where I can be alive and Glowly (my word) as they were.

    Go figure, He crossed our paths for just that reason. Well I seemed to have responded right and gone to the right place because I believe He was there waiting on me to get there. Hmm!

    Seriously it has been the most rewarding and most fun time of my life. It allows us to be at a place where He has "free will" within us. I mean I had no idea that you can keep God out of area's of your life. I had no idea He needed our permission to come in and freely change us from the inside out but HE DOES. He needs a willing heart and a willing spirit and yep a willing soul ( our mind, will and emotions ) .

    I learned that all the running in the past when I felt the prickling of His hands working in me was like the most dumbest thing to do. He is not there to hurt me or any one, some times it's like a splinter of the world He has to remove and you know that only hurts or feels uncomfortable for a short time and once it is out you begin to heal and on your way.

    I guess the entire process is to get more of Him in us and less of us. Kind of like saying, Father please remove anything in me of me that is not usable and not wanted of YOU and replace it with You. Best choice I had made in a very long time. I did however slack off for a season and it happened ever so slow. Little by little I slipped back into more cares of the every day life and worrying about bills and such.....Again my lightning fast mind did not take long to figure out that I better prepare for a turn about and get back to my Fathers House and get back on His track again.

    It's the very best place I have ever been. In His Care !!
    I Love My Walk In Him and look forward to becoming more and more just like Him.
    Have a wonderful and most blessed week
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