Tornado tips its hat to the camera

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by carolinasteve, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Tornado tips its hat to the camera

    Pretty cool video. Ive never seen footage of a tornado doing this before.
    Tornado gives a peek inside
  2. that was kinda cool tho i have to say those people are absolutly insane lol
  3. OOooo Neat! Reminds me of that discovery show with the tornado hunters.
    And that movie.

    Looked pretty cool, I like how tornadoes are kind of a small spiral, hidden within a larger spiral.
  4. That was nice. But did you hear when that man said that he was getting a little nervous because the tornado was getting close. He said that a couple of times. But I tell you, I would have only heard that once. I would have been gone with the wind.

  5. Whoa .... Awesome video .
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  7. My hubby and I saw this on the news the other night. Quite incredible indeed.

    Sis, I'm right there with ya. I can imagine us together, eyes as wide as silver dollars and high tailing it outta there.:eek:

    They said on the news that this is the first time anyone has ever gotten footage of the inside of a tornado.

    Thanks for sharing, it was cool to see it again.

  8. Thats not a bad idea Gary. Yeah, go ahead. Its not something that's ever been seen before, thats for sure.
  9. That thar video is super dyna whoppin'...

    As long as it stays over yonder....;)
  10. Very amazing to say the least
  11. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Awesome! But, I would NOT have hung around as long as they did!

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