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Top Ten Cars To Ditch

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. My truck that I bought a little over 3 years ago?
    I just figured it out.
    Including the cost of the minor repairs I’ve done myself, it has averaged out to a cost of about $85.00 a month.
    Can't go wrong with a pickup.
    I didn't see any of those in that list. :D
    (It's running a little better now that it isn't as cold)

    Years ago, I had a 79 LTD. Fully loaded. Nice car.
    With what I paid for it and the cost of the few repairs I did in the 8 years I had it. It averaged out to be about $19.00 a month. :D
  2. AMEN, and AMEN to that.

    I looked over the list.
    Lincoln Town Car. Go figure, these newer ones are just a plastic attempt at a luxury automobile.

    About half of the others were the little economy cracker box cars with the tiny little engines. I imagine most of their depreciation is from rubbing holes in the head liner with your hat and wearing out a 100 hp engine as if it had the power to get out on the highway.

    The others were the foreign attempts at 4 wheel drive vehicles, the Suzuki's and the Isuzu's and such. Gutless, no ground clearance, lousy suspension, etc.
    But hey!!! Leather seats and a CD player! :rolleyes:

    I'll stick with my Silverado.

    "DITCH IT"???? Not a problem!! :D
    Shoot, she'll go through any ditch, a creekbed, up the side of a hill, slinging mud straight up off of all 4 all day long! :smile_anim:
  3. As per my opinion these cars need to be modify. 1. Dodge caliber SRT- 4 is the car who needs to be modify. 2. Chevrolet Cobalt is also needs to be modify.

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