Too Close To Home: Israel Civilians Under Fire

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Should Israel do what it needs to protect its people?

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  1. By Tom Brennan

    This article is personal, please indulge me. One of the most searing and traumatic experiences any family can undergo is a missing child. The heartbreak is replaced by the cold numb feelings when the news comes that the body has been found. Recently three Israeli families received the news that their kidnapped sons were murdered by Hamas (Semitic translation: “violence”). Later, in retaliation a Palestinian boy was murdered by thugs. Another family grieves. But here are some very important differences between the two news stories that the mainstream media has missed (as if we didn’t expect them to).


    The Hamas masked terrorists will be honored as heroes, celebrated for their act. The perpetrators of the murder of the Palestinian boy have been apprehended and will be punished as criminals. Presently, the “heroic” Hamas terrorists are launching waves of rockets and missiles at civilian targets in Israel. They set up many launch points from villages and towns, using their own women, children and old people as shields. In Israel there are bomb shelters decorated with toys, flowers and other child-like distractions to keep children’s minds off the explosions and incoming death. How would any British, French or American mother or father feel if everywhere they looked there were bomb shelters, painted with scenes to distract their children from the possibility that someone who never even met them wants to kill them just because they are Jews.

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  2. It is popular, because of the media's obvious bias, to hate Israel, to vilify her, to ignore the FACT that Israel loves peace and will not fight back until she is first attacked. You want to be popular? You want your little head patted? Claim to befriend the Palestinians. Call Israel "Palestine." Try to take Israel's capital. Encourage her to give away her land.

    They want Israel to lay down her arms, so that the Palestinians have a better chance for their bombs to actually strike something/someone. Most of Israel's hits have been defensive . . . AS USUAL!

    May the G-d of Israel march over His enemies and bring them down in confusion. May Israel rise in unimaginable triumph!

    Oh, was I supposed to write how I feel?
  3. When Israel is done with their biennial en masse slaughter of Palestinians, hundreds of Palestinian civilians will be dead, while no more than a very small relative few Israeli civilians. And, nothing will change. Israel won't be any more secure. American Zionists will chant that Israel has a right to defend herself, while complaining that Israel is held to a double standard.

    Yes, Israel is held to a double standard. The media would be far more harsh in its treatment of any other any other country that treated an occupied people as brutally as Israel does.

    Palestinians have a right to fight for freedom.
  4. I was watching Face the Nation this morning. (Today's show online) Two of the guests were a Palestinian ambassador and the Israeli ambassador. They did not share the stage but made appearances one after the other . Maen Areikat,the top Palestinian diplomat appeared first and spoke of the strikes Israel is making in the Gaza strip.

    Then Ron Dermer had his turn. He is the Israeli ambassador to the U.S.. During the interview with Bob Shieffer Mr. Dermer received an alert on his cell phone about a pending strike in Gaza. Which was aborted due to children being in the strike zone.

    I tell you all this because it was during that interview that I learned for the first time that there is an Android cell phone application that one can get that alerts them to strikes against Israel as they happen. "Israel Under Fire" is the app name and linked here at Bing. This affords different links and even reviews of the app.

    It may assist in keeping track of all this. :)
  5. To answer the poll question, yes, Israel should do what it needs to protect its people.

    Israel's decades-long strategy of brutal oppression of Palestinians doesn't work, but only provokes continued violence. Therefor, that isn't what Israel needs to to to protect her people. Israel should end hostilities for the sake of the Israelis. The easiest way, and the way that would give Israel the land, would be to annex the occupied territory. The most "legal" way would be for Israel to completely withdraw from all the occupied territory and then assist the Palestinians to set up a proper state, to develop a positive relationship. Or, Israel could return the occupied land to the neighbors, who are mostly peaceful with Israel (Jordan, Egypt, and even the Syrian government).
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