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  2. It was so beautiful but these camera phones simply don't cut it.


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  3. DSC_2378_05.JPG

    Hey guys, I simply had to show you this photo...and have a little moon tutorial...
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  4. One of the first things I wanted to do when I treated myself to a digital camera, was to take a picture of the moon. But the wretched thing is just too 'bright' to be captured on regular settings.

    So, if there's anybody out there who wants to photograph the moon (and FCJ's correct, a camera phone won't do it!), switch your digital camera to MANUAL.

    Change the ISO (light sensitivity) to 200.

    Adjust the lens aperture to F11.

    Adjust the shutter speed to 1/125 a second.

    This is a really good point to start from. You can adjust anything else as you go to get the perfect shot.

    I hope this helps anyone else who reads this, who has a digital camera, who wants to lurk around in the evening and take photo's of the moon.

    Blessings and have fun,

    Annie x
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  5. DSC_2390_01.JPG

    This is my absolute, best shot to date.
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  6. The moon was so orange and red last night.
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  7. Wow certainly better than 8 times magnified with my phone.

    Thanks so much for sharing about how to set a digital camera up for those who my not know or have forgotten.
    You are a blessing to us all!
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  8. And it's so frustrating when you can't capture it on film LOL. I know!
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  9. Let's hope someone did 'shoot the moon' and shares it. I'd love to see it!.

    PS Where's Abdicate???:) I KNOW he's a keen photographer:)
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  10. I saw that it was so red,..I was like this isn't normal lol
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  11. Yeppers I do agree.
    It was so cool. I first saw this fog rising about 4 feet up from the ground and then caught a glimpse of the moon.
    Wow that would have made the most awesome picture.
    Blessings and it's good to see you around here again!!
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  12. I've not been seeing the moon... cloudy days and nights.
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  13. Had the biggest brightest double rain bow follow me tonight. Awesome!!
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  14. Here's a picture of the moon during a lunar eclipse a few years ago:

    Just a moon shot from America:


    During eclipse in Manama, Bahrain (notice the moon's angle is very different):

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  15. We have had smoke from the many forest fires here in WA, OR, MT, and Canada hovering in our area all week so when I looked at the moon on Wednesday night it was also bright orange but showed through a thick haze of brown skies. Very unusual. First time in my life I have ever seen anything like that. Smoke is clearing some now but we are all praying for rain.
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  16. Super awesome! I knew you'd come up with the goods:)
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  17. But what's causing it to be orange? Because where I am, all I can see is a big old regular white moon.

    And, wherever we are on the planet, we're all looking up at the same sky (ish!). Which is kind of a nice thought, when you have people living far away:)
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  18. Thanks! That's very kind of you.
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  19. The smoke from the fires creates a filter that blocks out the blue hues leaving orangey colors. Like when you put on sun glasses.
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  20. Awesome. My birthday's coming up soon and I'm thinking of treating myself to a telescope. One of those that you can get an 'attachment' for, so you can screw in your digital camera and take pictures of the stars.

    Any thoughts.
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