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  1. When the Green Bay Bay Packers football team won the Super Bowl in 1997, many people thought back to the previous era of Packer greatness under legendary Green Bay coach Vince Lombardi. One of the players on those earlier world championship teams, offensive lineman Jerry Kramer, recalled this story:

    One day during the first year I played for him, he rode me unmercifully, pointing out how slow I was, how weak I was, how stupid I was. He convinced me. By the time I dragged myself into the locker room, I suspected I was the worst guard in league history. I sat in front of my locker, head down, contemplating quitting, when Lombardi came up behind me, mussed up my hair and said, "Son, one of these days you're gonna be the greatest guard in the league." Suddenly I was 10 feet tall, ready to do anything for him.
    The tongue has awesome power to whittle other people down to nothing or to turn them into giants capable of great things.

    Affirmation, Child Rearing, Confidence, Criticism, Discipleship, Encouragement, Leadership, Words
    Prov. 12:18; 1 Thess. 5:11; Heb. 3:13
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  2. Most people, especially too many Christians, don't believe the word of God and caveat many prayers with "if it's Your will" when it is His will, Matt 18:19. :D
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  3. Yes, you have to claim the promises of God and praying without even believing what you are praying or praying with doubts that maybe this is too big for God will result in unanswered prayers. You must have faith.
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