told the same thing of many people

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  1. told the same thing of many people

    do you get frustrated when satan,s spirit tells you the same thing through many people,friends colleuges etc.gets a bit boring.who does he think he is God.:(
  2. no thought and loose lips does satan,s work.empty vessels make the most noise.
  3. Amen to that. Makes us feel outnumbered. But find strength in scripture and you will take them on with ease. For God is for us who can be against us?
  4. Our vessels will be filled with something. Let us be filled with the Holy Spirit and then we will have no room for that other stuff in our lives. And indeed we will spill over and fill the lives around us- with Christ in us we can impact our world.
  5. I find it very easy to listen to the status quo. I, personally find it difficult to keep my eyes and thoughts focused on His promises. But, Praise God, He is working in my life daily. I stay encouraged by going to a men's group weekly with 5-10 men I trust and know are also following His will.
  6. Amen, I am glad to hear that brother!!!:D
  7. i do hope people do not listen to people.

  8. Yup! But this is why we're supposed to take our marching orders from the Bible. If someone tells you to do something, and it doesn't line up with scripture, the message didn't come from God...but our adversary.
  9. every day things not scripture.
  10. What I meant was if the same word comes to you in a short amount of God is trying to tell you something, you should test it with scripture. If it goes against scripture, then it is not a word from God. The same goes for dreams, words of knowledge, or simply someone telling you you're ugly. If Gods word says otherwise, then what wa said to you was notof Him. This is one reason why it is important to KNOW your bible.
  11. i will give you examples,your of to see the wizard.there aint no sunshine when she,s gone.or calling you selfish etc.lots of rubbish from many people,i guess in usa you hear the ame old boring lines.
  12. Only here the language has deteriorated from actual normal coherant words to foul unimaginative four letter curse words.

    Gone are the days that you hear someone call the other person who is insensitive a "pig". Now they're an "_____ _____ _____ pig". No immagination, no understanding of what they're really saying...just profanity.
  13. hello. i don't get tired. as someone else said, i pray & take things back to the Lord when many people tell me the same thing. Even if the people are unbelievers - there could be something to what they're saying.. like maybe i'm somehow leaving the door open for good to be evil spoken of.. once, my husband's friend came by while my husband was at work. We'd been witnessing to that young man. He seriously wanted to borrow a bible "right that moment" & i was praising God for that!! So, i called my son from the playground to come sit w/him "on the porch" while i went in the house & got the bible. Then the man wanted to know what some specific things meant. He has a painful, life-threatening illness; he's hospitalized often. He seriously doesn't take being alive tomorrow for granted. My neighbor saw us sitting outside w/bibles in our laps. And yet, he still told my husband i'd been "entertaining" another man while he was at work. Thankfully, my husband knows me after the heart, isn't the paranoid or overly jealous type & isn't easily influenced by other people's perceptions. We still explained to our neighbor what actually happened. The truth is this: maybe i could've & should've handled that differently. I'm more careful now about such things than before.
  14. i disagree what that man did was to put doubt into a situation,people are so paranoid these days all the trust has should have told the neighbour just because he,s mind thought that way doesn,t mean you have to think like him or change your behavior just because of he,s mind many doubters in this place.
  15. There are two times when Satan doesn't seek to have us. First when he knows that he has us and second when he realizes he can't get us. Hopefuly we never find ourselves in first and the second doesn't happen until we pass from this earth.

    The good news is that it serves to remind us that we are still here and not in heaven yet.;)

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