Today's Posts vs. New Posts

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Who am I, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Today's Posts vs. New Posts

    When I start in the “Forum” tab and click on “Today’s Posts” it seems they all show up.
    If I click on “New Posts” some of the most recent posts don’t show up.

    Me thinks there may be a bug in the system.

  2. It’s still acting up. When I post in a thread and then click “New Posts” it doesn’t show up. And the oldest “New Post” is from 3/18/10.
    That’s not very new.
  3. You're right. The dates are messed up on New Posts. Most recent don't show

    Its always been that way with the list of Active topics on the right side of the forum page too. Thats not near as important but don't know if that is a connection to the problem or not.
  4. Even new threads like the one about the Resurrection don't show up on New Posts. That is strange since of course that is new. And the posts for the last 2 hours don't show. From about 2:43 to 4:24.
  5. What's up? Is there a problem or is this something new with the forum that the kinks haven't been worked out yet?
  6. Hang in there guys ..... Jeff to the rescue .
  7. With all the glitches on this new vB server, I wouldn't be surprised if things start acting strangely.

  8. Ok now I am seeing other stuff . When you click on for example " discussion" all the older posts are highlighted instead of the new ones . Any one else notice that or am I having a senior's moment ?
  9. It looks like a new one will pop up just occasionally instead of all of them.
  10. If you press " what's new "You get the same thing and each time it is not the new posts .
  11. You guys are not the only ones having problems. Yesterday I logged in and all these threads were highlighted as 'unread', all the way back to February/January. I just re-marked them all as read, but it just struck me as odd.

    That reminds me - a month ago (or some weeks back), there was this one glitch I encountered where the 'Who's Online' box at the bottom of the Index Page would not update, yet the 'Who's Online' list did. I wasn't pressing the backspace button, BTW.

    As fore mentioned, with this new server, I expect these glitches and such will become more persistent...
  12. I think I know what the problem is. I'll see if I can get it fixed.
  13. Thanks alot Jeff :)
  14. Jeff . . . You're Awesome!

  15. Thanks again Jeff and God Bless .
  16. I know of one site that has this same kind of site and he had to do several fixes this last week. Different things going on lately.

  17. Yes he's an awesome brother alright :D
  18. Yah, I remember all the problems vB used to have on several other forums, too.

    They seem to be pretty random, can never know what to expect, ha ha.


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