"Today's Posts" disappeared

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by GodSpeaks, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. "Today's Posts" disappeared

    Its gone. Or I can't find it if it was moved
  2. Jeff was here last night and maybe he changed some stuff and it looks like all the new and day's posts are into one .
  3. Hey this morning it waas showing all the posts in 24hrs but now it is gone.
  4. Hey y'all..what's the big deal??
  5. The ' Big Deal " my dear sister is that it is harder to find what has been posted otherwise and you have to search for it . Maybe it's not a big deal but it is my pet peave for the day .
  6. Isn't pet peeves fun??
  7. Hmmmm ..... depends .... that could be debated.
  8. I don't think they are all into one, because I was just on here a couple of hours ago and most of those posts are not showing. I can't even find the posts I replied to so I have to go to each forum and try to remember which ones they are or look at all the threads for the day in each.
  9. Y'all worry sooooooooooooo much about life's little stuff..like I said, it's no big deal..good gosh!!!
  10. Puppy we are not worrying, its just so much more time consuming which mean much less time on here.
  11. Hey I just put two posts in the Prayer section and it does not show up in new posts .... What with that?

    Just commenting .... Not worrrying but things get missed and I even noticed in the prayer section . I liked it the way it was before so you could see 24 hours .

  12. Bumping this up :D
  13. I just reverted some earlier changes I made and with it 'Todays post' disappeared. I'll rectify it when I have time later on today or tomorrow. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :)
  14. Thank you Jeff.
    Whenever you can will be fine :)
  15. Thanks Jeff. I truly appreciate your help and concern.
  16. Thanks ..... Much appreciated..... God Bless
  17. Dusty look!!

    Dusty look!!

    As of yesterday or today, with the upgrade I suppose, its baaaaccck! Up at the top by new posts is -

    Todays Posts !!


    Thank you, thank you, thank you Jeff! You are the second person that made my day! Really, I guess you made my ''night" :smiley90:
  18. I added it manually yesterday. But the problem is with major upgrades, it could dissappear. Today's posts was part of the old software and they don't support it anymore. So when an upgrade to the template is made, I'll have to add the code in there. Anyway.... :D

  19. Wooo - hooo !!!!!!!!! .....

    I am a happy camper now ...

    Bless you Jeff .... Good Job ....

    Thanks ,Thanks , Thanks



  20. Well thanks for adding it. If it disappears again, like it has done a few times, I'll let you know ---again! :D

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