Today's Daily Devotional for Women - You are CALLED with PURPOSE

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    Romans 8:28 – “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

    When I was in film school, I wanted to make a feature film while I was still a full time student. I was the only undergraduate student trying to do this out of my entire program, and to this day I can’t even count the amount of professors, coworkers, fellow students and friends told me I was crazy. That there was no way I had what it takes to make a feature length motion picture at such a young age with such a tiny budget.

    And for a while I believed them. For a while I let others expectations for me define my expectations for myself.

    But one night at church service I felt God’s Spirit move through me, strengthening me, reminding me that it’s not the world who created me, but the God of this world Himself.

    And He already equipped me with everything I’d need to succeed.

    And after that night, I went on to produce and complete not one but TWO feature films by the time I graduated from college three years later.

    All praise to God.

    God says that He works for your good in ALL things. That means your personality, your skill set, your talent, your DRIVE and your AMBITION – all of that is a direct result of God’s plan for your good. All of it is so you can fulfill the call He’s put on your life.

    Today, make the decision to believe you’re capable of ANYTHING God says you can do. It doesn’t matter what human minds think. It only matters what your Heavenly Father thinks.

    And that means you’ve already got what it takes to succeed.

    Dear Jesus,

    Thank You for choosing me, for creating me with a purpose, for calling me to shine Your light brightly. Today I choose to believe in what You say I am, that I’m capable of achieving Your will and that You work in all things for my good. Thank You for loving me.

    In Jesus’ Name I Pray,

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  2. As I read your post, God reminded me of what I told my mom earlier tonight. He gave me a gift (talent) and a pattern and instructions on how to make slippers. But I got nervous thinking that people would think they were stupid (lie from the devil).

    God spoke to my heart just a few weeks ago...maybe 2 months...and used some people to remind me that when God places a gift inside of us, He blesses it and gives it His favor. And it's something that people desire, because it is blessed by The Lord. It has its own grace, and we have His grace to complete it.

    Thank you for this wonderful post
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  3. Cturtle, your post really hits home with me, because the enemy knows exactly how to stop our progress with just the smallest of lies. I praise the Lord God sent your mother to intervene by reminding you of God's divine gift over your life. He shaped you and molded you with everything you need to get on His path to success and abundance. And once you start walking towards it, you'll feel like you're living a brand new life of passion and inner contentment. The walk to God's legacy for our lives isn't easy - but it feels good each step of the way. Slippers are a wonderful idea - and a billion dollar business. Wouldn't it be unique to put Bible verses on them? Like "Romans 8:28 - I walk like a conqueror."

    I'm praying for your journey my friend. God bless you always.

    Stephanie Rodnez
  4. That is an awesome idea! I walk like a conqueror in shoes of peace and love :) I will be writing that down to pray about putting on the tags/labels I can make with a sewing machine.

    We shall keep you in our prayers also! We are glad you are are a great, and positive addition to this forum!

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance!

    In Christ
  5. This is a nice thread

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