today is my birthday =/

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  1. if it weren't for the balloon my mom got me, I would have forgotten... I don't have friends so
    didn't really celebrate... just tried to do the laundry..

    I honestly wonder why god created me... is he that
    angry he has to make my life miserable.

    I try to move on and forget about him and do things myself..
    but I just wonder why a lot.

    Idk if I'll ever have the relationship I had with god again..

    he just doesn't seem to care for me( pls don't bring up the calvary thing..he did it for everyone... but some..his favorites, he comforts them when they're down..and gives them a word of encouragement to help them keep going.
    I got nothing. I read an online post abt how this girl lost her friends after accepting Christ..and god gave her a dream..a dove rested on her shoulder saying even though ur friends forgot abt you..I haven't. And I haven't had friends since highschool.... all I ever wanted was to believe in that love god has for everyone...for me..

    but after my bad exp.. and today..... I can't say god loves me, love is a perpetual action..
    not a one time thing... (if god speaks to you daily,comforts wouldn't understand).

    I'd hate to say this but I don't like god at all.

    I'm sorry for venting, I just feel... crummy ATM.
  2. Happy Birthday !

  3. thnx... now today is my brother's bday.. thank goodness.
  4. If it's any consolation, I was feeling exactly the same way on my birthday which was earlier this month. I cheered up a touch when I was given this mouse mat.


    Personally, I think birthdays can be really tough when you are going through a rough patch. It's hard to know what to say but I think one has to believe that He will see you through the hard times and that there will be better days.
  5. Happy birthday pancakes! Will be praying for you
  6. happy birthday, Pancake.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! :D
  8. Happy Birthday!! What are you now.........37???
  9. Happy birthday.

    Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.

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