today is my bday =)

Discussion in 'Praise Reports / Testimonials' started by Elmer D, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. today is my bday =)

    hahahhaha yup happy bday to me =) Im 22 now haha (wow so fast) lol

    I thank God for

    - for creating me perfectly from my mother`s womb
    - The life He gave me
    - the wonderful treasures of the earth
    - my loving family and friends
    - my wonderful girlfriend (going to marry her)
    - stopping my drug addiction (its been a year of no drugs)
    - opening up my eyes to the sinful world
    - forgiving my sins
    - the challenges He have given me

    I have grown so much when i turned to Him. I love you Jesus, I Praise you Jesus, I Thank you Jesus. You are my Shepherd.

    Thank you guys for all the wonderful advice you have given me. I know there are more to learn. God bless you my brothers and sisters.
  2. Happy Birthday Elmer

    God is awesome
  3. Wow .... Happy Birthday ... Are you doing anything Special ?

    May God richly Bless you .
  4. Happy birthday! Didn't know you were older than me! I'm 21. I'll be 22 in 6 months. AHHHHH!!!!!
  5. Hope it was a Happy Birthday!

    Drug free for year! Thank you Jesus!
  6. Happy birthday... party Party paaarttyyy :)
  7. Elmer .... I am just loving all that God has done for you . Isn't He just awesome . I wish you all the best in your upcoming relationsip and marriage and continue on your upward path with Jesus as your Shepherd .

    I am so happy to see you continuing your walk with the Lord and you will never ever be disheartened as you know all things work together for good for them that love the Lord and are called according to His Word .... God Bless.
  8. Happy blessed birthday, Elmer!
  9. thank you everyone =) time goes so fast ugghhh lol

    Yes God is so great, I am so glad I know Him theres lots of people in the world doesnt even know about Him.....and yes no drugs at all im thinking straight now hehehe, teach me more about Him you guys =)

    God bless you all!!!
  10. Hey Elmer ... go to Bible study there are lots of good teachings there .
  11. Happy Birthday. :)
  12. Im with HJ:smiley420: happy B Day Elmer D :smiley10:

    Chili out
  13. Is that smiley face drinking alcohol? Definitely not appropriate for a forum site :D lol.
  14. Hey it's smiley 420 so it must be alright .... He he :smiley10:
  15. Nah, it's green. It's gotta be 7-Up... Or Sprite.
    Should be Dr. Pepper...:jealous:
  16. yessss its sprite guys hahaha =)
  17. I doubt it was when they made that little guy, but for your and our sake, we can pretend its sprite! :smiley10:
  18. Lol, I wouldn't know. I don't know my alcohol lol.
  19. I'd say it's sparkling apple cider - no alcohol. Looks just like the bottles I buy for special occasions. Good stuff.

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