To What Extent To Help My Brother

Discussion in 'Family and Parenting' started by nijikon, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Ask God for forgiveness, not us.

    And place this with God as well.
  2. How about you mentioning all this to your brother so that he understands how you feel and you both can talk? Also talk to your dad about your frustrations. There is no reason you should be hiding the way you feel from your family.
  3. Don't hate your brother, but don't be a mat for him to wipe his sin on.
    The first point of helping anyone should be advice, if they won't take advice then why prop up their failure?
    I had a cousin get a 100 dollar loan for two weeks at 48% interest, I found out because they gave my name as contact to the loan company,
    who then rang me to find out how they could get hold of the loan defaulter.
    I'm willing to give to a point to help out someone but if they are only digging a deeper hole, WHY?
    Its not love, its dumbness. Christ came to set me free, not enslave me to the sin of others.
    The extent of your help should be 10% to 25% of your free cash, then shut the door. That's both reasonable and generous.
    in my opinion, but I know how difficult family can be, you want to love em .
    IF there is NO GOD, then why pray?
    WHY ask AIR,
    I tell you there is a GOD who cares and sees,
    but we as people are bone lazy when it comes to seeking Him or repenting or going to church or anything,
    they we say, "oh poor me, why don't god help me."
    did anything I say help.
    Imagine two futures: 1. you pour out all your money into your dad and brother and in five years you are exactly nowhere, and neither are they.
    or 2. you establish yourself, let them sink, then in five years you can help someone who has learned a lesson or two.
    Owning your own house sets you up for prosperity.
    I worked at one job for 30 years,
    a cousin of mine was on welfare and government handouts for 25 years, he don't want to change.
  4. Remember the story of the virgins. Some were wise and some were foolish - so says the Scripture.
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  6. Thank you
  7. There is charity, which is given without any expectation of a return.
    And then there is wage, which is given with an expectation of a return (i.e. labor for the wage earned).

    Charity if for those that do have the means to care for themselves. Such as for one handicapped that is physically or mentally unable to perform labor. Or one that can and does work, but do not receive a wage big enough to take care of their basic needs.
    They would need some charity to help them out.

    Your brother sounds like an able bodied man. So he doesn't qualify for charity.
    What he is qualified for is a wage.

    Perhaps you could suggest that you would help by paying him a wage (a wage based on his labor of doing quite a bit around the household). No labor, no wage paid.

    In that way, you could be seen as one that offers help, while at the same time making him act responsible (which seems to be the two things you want - to help and also make him be responsible).
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