To Trust You Is To Believe

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  1. To Trust You Is To Believe

    Sometimes it seems impossible
    To trust in you, my Lord,
    But then again, it's all I have
    When my back's against the wall

    The pressures forever mounting up
    And worsens with little hope,
    Though I pray and leave it with you,
    It's so hard for me to cope

    I know, O Lord, you teach us patience
    Especially at those times,
    You want us to trust completely,
    Though answers are hard to find

    And there are times it seems as though
    You have stepped back from us,
    We feel so much alone in our mess
    Not knowing, you're watching with love

    You never really leave us, Lord,
    Nor forsake us in our need,
    You only want us to trust you
    And in your word believe

    You know the circumstances we're in
    And know the struggles we face,
    The situation, when given to you,
    Can empower our faltering faith

    For in your word we're told to give
    To you all our anxieties
    And all the worries and fears we have,
    Praying for the needed victory

    For in due course you will come through
    To bring the needed relief
    And through it all we shall develop
    A stronger and deeper belief.

    © By M.S.Lowndes


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