To My Beloved

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  1. I believe the Lord Jesus gave me this song as a letter from him to his church. This is about humbling ourselves before God and under his mighty hand, that he may lift us up in due time. We are to submit ourselves to God. We are to be self-controlled and alert, because our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. We are to resist him, standing firm in the faith. And, we do that by putting on our spiritual armor, which God has given to believers in Christ, so that they can fight off the devil’s schemes. If we come near to God, he will come near to us. We do this by turning from our sin, and by allowing the Spirit of God to purify our hearts. We can’t be casual about sin – we must grieve, mourn and wail over our sin.

    To My Beloved / An Original Work / November 14, 2011

    Based off I Pet. 5:6-9; Eph. 6:10-20; Jms. 4:4-10

    Be strong in the grace of Christ, and
    Put on His full armor in your fight
    Against the enemy of your souls,
    And resist him with all your might.
    Take up the shield of your faith within you.
    Salvation’s helmet – you put it on.
    Put on the belt of truth,
    And walk in the Spirit,
    And you’ll not be ashamed.
    Love your Lord Jesus; call His Name.

    Call on your Lord and Savior, Jesus, and
    Make Him Lord and King of your hearts.
    Obey all of His teachings He has given
    To you to follow in all His ways.
    Repent of your sins. Return to your God.
    Follow Him where’er He leads you now.
    Humble yourselves in full
    Surrender to His will
    For your lives today.
    Bow before Him, and humbly pray.

    Be strong in the grace of Christ, and
    Obey your Lord in ev’rything, always
    Keeping His teachings in your hearts near you.
    Walk with Christ in ev’ry way.
    Resist the devil. He will flee from you.
    Draw near to God, and He’ll be near you.
    Wash your hands you sinners
    And double minded.
    Weep and wail o’er sin.
    With Christ, your new lives begin.

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