To Homeschool Or Not

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  1. I homeschooled my children for many years, but they decided they wanted to give public school a shot. Almost immediately, their attitudes went way downhill... DH and I were shocked it happened so quickly. Now, we have to decide if we should let them keep going and just pray their attitudes get better, or we can go back to homeschooling. The kids like school for the social aspect of it. They didn't have as many friends when they were homeschooled. Also, they can do extracurriculars at school with other children if they go. As far as the educational aspect, they were ahead when they were homeschooled, but the public school system where we live is still good.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I was home schooled for all but two grades. Personally, I don't think that school should be about other people. As long as they are in church or have a home school group their social needs should be met. If you feel that they had better attitudes and were getting better schooling at home then I'd pull them out.

    Really, as long as home schooling is done properly with knowledgeable parents there is nothing superior.
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  3. If they are sharing the gospel then keep them there! But if not then it might be dangerous because my generation is very ungodly. If they are still followers of Christ then let them stay. If they stray from the faith pull them out.

    I'll tell you though, for me it is very hard going to public school. The kids never stop saying ungodly things and their rebellion against all authority is sickening. Even the ones who say they are Christian don't act like it! It's all just very gross.
  4. Well, I don't believe 'public school' has any good intentions left for true Christians at this point in my opinion.

    The curriculum is geared toward evolutionary theory science, united nations-one world governance, premarital sex education, rebellion towards parents, and not to mention forgetting about or eliminating God from all aspects of training.

    May the LORD give you wisdom and guidance in this matter....
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  5. I am definitely worried about what is being taught. My son told me his teacher said some things that I don't like. It seemed to be a direct affront to all parents... He told the kids something along the lines of "if your parents give you too much praise, they're lying to you." I don't get that. Why tell kids their parents are liars?

    I don't want them learning evolution is the correct theory or any of the other garbage they teach in school.

    I just don't want the kids to resent me. I think the two oldest, especially the oldest, would really resent me.
  6. I always thought the other way around.. At least the way schools are structured in India.. Because both parents and teachers have the liberty to punish kids :) They can make kids kneel down, make rounds around the school, clean the playground, or simply hit them!! This was a way to discipline the kids.. And putting the kid in school brought them some discipline.. Not just through the teachers.. But being with other kids of same age.. The kids learnt how to share things, etc.. I thought kids were supposed to learn all these habits also through school.. but sounds like it could happen the other way around as well!!

    I am so eager to put my 2.5 years old kid in school.. Just to help her to behave socially and move with other kids freely.. Just waiting to find the right school..
  7. I don't get the 'social' argument. Just because you homeschool your children doesn't mean they get locked into a closet. They have plenty of other means to develop socially. This is a lie from Satan in my opinion.

    If your kids are:

    *going to Church regularly (more than once a week)
    *making trips to the store with mom & dad (or elsewhere)
    *going to parks & recreation facilities
    *playing with the neighbor kids
    *playing with the Church kids
    *developing SKILLS being taught from mom, dad, the Church (like they used too in Olden days)

    How are they not "developing socially"? Hogwash & bologna...

    As Christians we are called to be 'different'/ sanctified / Holy / not conforming to the 'world's'/ state's / government's standards. But to God's.

    If they aren't taught that "Christian" is different when they are young-they most definitely won't be different from all the rest of the rebellious teenagers as they get older. IMHO.

    'Train up your children in the way they should go...'
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  8. Oh, I totally agree with that Brother Mike V... most of the time, socialization is not an issue with homeschooling. It used to be more of an issue for us, but I think that would be a lot different since our circumstances have changed. It's just that now the kids are used to school and for them it is a social experience... they see a ton of kids five days a week.
  9. 'Sin is pleasurable for a season'...Of course they are loving it, they are surrounded by every sin imaginable in public school. I am personally more concerned that my daughter would be stabbed or shot in public school than anything else. Schools are a haven for Satan-a devil's playground if you will. Teachers have no authority, kids can do pretty much whatever they want (within worldly standards reason), parents are alienated from the curriculum, etc..

    I'm sorry, I can't see any value in public school for a Christian-especially here in liberal NY.

    My Pastor and his wife both have Masters Degrees in education and have both served as educators in varying capacities in "Christian Schools"-They would not recommend public school either. But the reality is, no matter what type of education a child receives- the parent is responsible in God's eyes-not the 'state'.
  10. Yeah, that is definitely a concern... all the violence. We live in a very safe area in a great (compared to others) school district. BUT, that doesn't make these schools immune.

    I just want to make sure I am making the right decision. I want God to make this decision... whatever that is, I will do it. I just need to know I'm doing what God wants me to do, and I don't know how to figure that out.

    The extracurriculars are things I cannot provide in the same way at home.
  11. Well Sweet..I would home school them if I could...this world will draw them out in due time.
  12. Are

    Are "extracurriculars" Biblical? Just a thought....

    "For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come."

    I drive by schools everyday-even in 20 degree weather-and kids are running around schools half naked and in underwear...

    If you got boys, they won't last long in purity around the girls...I'm a me on this one.
  13. Homeschool is my vote! Let them get their social skills from church actives and sports.
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  14. Any reason why most of you are saying homeschool?
  15. Yea because we don't want to see your kids get messed up like we did in the system that has been established by ungodly people.
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  16. Aren't public schools fighting for that "bathroom bill"?
  17. The stabbing incident along with all the school shootings is another reason. Those things don't just happen in bad areas. They can happen anywhere at any time.

    I just don't see anything positive about public school.
  18. Yeah, I cannot believe that just happened. What is with all the violence in schools? It seems to be increasing.
  19. Schools don't teach morals anymore because they can't teach the Bible and the parents aren't teaching them either. They are spending over eight hours a day with people that are talking about sex and drugs and belittling others because they can't afford the same clothes. Public schools are horrible, and private Christian schools are not any better.
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  20. I don't know why this is such a difficult decision. I wish I had never sent them back, but now that I did, it's more of a difficult decision. They are having fun and have said they don't want to go back to homeschooling.

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