To "brand" or not to "brand"

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  1. Hi everyone

    So, recently a new company took over the ICT services at the client where I work.
    Today we had this three hour on-boarding session with the company, and during introduction, the big brass that came down for the event asked that we state our name and short job function, but then he went with even more focus to a third part and that is to state your brand.
    Now, it's clear to say, that it's not meant the brand you created yourself, but literally one brand that you most support, hold dearer than any other, the very special one.

    How would you answer this?
  2. Dont know, it might be a trick question to test your loyalty.
  3. I did not think about it that way.
    Sadly I was not in the position not to give an answer. I did initially state that I am not really that much of a brand type guy. Some of the others said, Nike, Adidas, the hunter his favourite rifle make, another Mercedes-Benz.
    I had to state what was on the top of my list - Jesus Christ. In hind sight, not really a brand, but some interesting reactions.
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  4. Quite frankly I do not know why someone would ask that. Also, I do not know what kind of job you are involved in and what kind of relevance the question has. It definitely does not sound like a behavioral question, which is quite common in interviews.

    Either way, impressed with your answer! (y)
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  5. Back when I was gainfully employed...
    We had introductions like this. I would state my name, my company (I was often in a multi-company effort), and my job function.

    My brand was what my employer wanted to accomplish with my work:
    System Reliability,
    Needs of Clients Met.
    more simply: Happy Customers.

    Our brand should be that Christ be seen through us.
    My personal guiding factor that I am trying to follow (my brand?) is to be a blessing to those around me.
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  6. They will know we are Christians by our (His) love.
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  7. That's a great answer. JC!
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  8. I think it was a test mostly, by one of the company's managing partners to determine who is driven, who weak and who submissive.
    Time will tell how things work out.

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