To be forgiven...

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  1. To be forgiven...

    Someone one day was under the influence of alchohol and unintentionally did something terrible. They are forgiven by the person involved, and they ask God for forgiveness. Do his parents have to know? If it's something so terrible he could never bring himself to tell his parents, could he get past it just asking God to forgive it, and his parents never knowing?
  2. The person really needs to pray about this.
    Sometimes things come back to haunt us.

  3. How old is the person who commited the offense? Are we talking teen? Because anyone older would probably not need to confide in their parents unless they choose to. This is a delicate area and without going into to much detail someone would probably need to know the seriousness of the offense before offering advice. Is it a moral issue or is it criminal?
  4. It's too hard to say it. :(
  5. I believe I already know what it is.
    But if the person has forgiven and God has forgiven out of true repentance of the violator then that is the most important thing.

  6. I will add one thing. If alcohol led to something so bad that you cannot speak of it, then I would talk to your friend about a possible alcohol problem. If he gets so out of control when drinking it could happen again. Friends look after friends.
    Praying whatever took place does not come back to haunt him.
  7. If this event include his parents or will eventually come to their attention, then yes they should be told.

    Forgiveness is an important part of our Christian lives and can often include people who are affected indirectly. Things we do as children can hurt our parents badly. They can carry the scares well into their old age.

    Darkness flees from light, everything hidden in darkeness will just grow and fester. Bring it into the light and evil will flee. Your freind will be released from the torment he is currently undergoing.

    It will probably not be easy, but should be done in prayer and faith knowing that God has already forgiven and that God is in control over all things.
  8. Mark, please forgive me for being so bold as to ask this, but is this "friend" actually you? I'm only asking this because of what you mentioned in your "Almost 18" thread about not drinking again! You obviously don't have to answer this, but if we knew what really happened, maybe we would be better equipped to help?...

  9. Confession is good for the soul.

    I'd say just humble yourself. You've already been forgiven by one person. You've prayed for forgiveness. Now humble yourself in the eyes of the Lord and confess your wrongs to your folks.

    Oh, it might be painful! I've told some people the horrors that I've done in my life. But believe's like cleaning off cloudy glass, and you can see straight through your heart again! Refreshing!

    God bless you, Mark.
  10. Secrets can destroy you life, a lot more than anyone realizes.

    It is best to live your life dedicated to not keeping secrets. You'd be surprised how many things you won't do because you KNOW you are going to get caught, because you've already decided to tell on yourself.

    Rooster: But what about that time I saw you in the...

    Bana: You keep out of this!!!
  11. Ya it is me. I didn't think I was fooling anyone lol. But I'd rather not tell specifics.

    This is about something that happened months ago BTW.
  12. Mark, do you feel guilty not telling your parents?
    You want to but you're afraid of their reaction?

    What feels right to you?
    Can you talk just with your father possibly?

    You have learned a very important and lasting lesson, haven't you?

    Blessings to you~
  13. P.S. I think this is enough to make you not want to celebrate your upcoming B.D. with alcohol.
    Think about this.
    If it caused you to slip once and do something so bad, it is something you should refrain from if you have repented....
    Please pray about this!

  14. I've definately learned my lesson, but yes it seems the only way my days are peaceful and my mind's not going crazy is if I decide to have quit drinking completely. I try to justify it, but I know what it can lead to, and so to "Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace" (2Tim 2:22) is the only way.

    2 Timothy 2:3

    "Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus."

    I need to take my own advice and not be a partial-believer. If I believe at all I must believe this IS his way, it IS the only way, and it WILL be worth it.

    Violet, you and many other people here are so faithful on the forums. Thank you. God bless you guys, and know that you save lives. You save souls. A very big deal, that goes almost unrecognized by most of the world.
  15. Well, you are so sweet...
    Jesus saves our souls but we are all here for each other to help in Christ!
    You are a wise young man, truly.
    Perfect scriptures!!!
    Stay're doing a good job!:)

    Love, Violet
  16. Mark it has been my experience that it even bad news is received better coming from a repentant heart that it will be if discovered some other way. These things may be hard to deal with but they are part of growing up. It is a real man who can accept the responsibilty for his own actions. I will pray that God gives you the grace and favor to put this were it belongs, confessed and repented on. A clean conscience is a wonderful thing brother. Many blessings, Larry

  17. Dear Mark.... God bless you. It must be so difficult for teen agers growing up these days with all the temptations around them. The one thing about you that I admire is your honesty and the Lord sees that as well. If we confess our sins He is just and able to forgive our sins. We all have made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes because of our sinful nature.. But God in His mercy and grace forgives us and we move on learning that lesson and putting our hope and trust in Him. He will never fail you Mark, he will never leave nor forsake you . You are a child of God . you can walk with your head held high knowing that all around you might but that OUr God is still on the throne and He riegns.

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