To all those working really hard at it . and are exhausted .

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  1. To all those working really hard at it . and are exhausted .

    Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

    Jesus promises . that He knows what you're going through . and He knows how people are . working hard all the time . thinking God will see what they're doing for their many actions . but only one thing is necessary .

    Jesus said, It is our work . to trust in Him . if you are feeling a heavy burden . Jesus offers you rest . rest is a Godly thing . do not listen to the corruption around you . Rest is Godly . and resting in trusting Him and dwelling on His faithfulness and staying or abiding in His love is what Jesus said to do . when we abide in His love (Gospel of John) then we will bear much fruit .

    Jesus wants me to bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit .

    Not the fruit of Michael Collum all stressed out because the world needs to be fixed pronto .

    Jesus knows these things . trust Him . He has a plan . and it is coincidentally better than yours . give up . surrender . throw your burdens on Him . and then let go . let God work and live through you . from a personal perspective it may not seem all that different because . "like .. i'm still doing it .." or so it appears . but you're not . if He is living through you . it is Him .

    and i know sometimes .. i can do something or say something . and even i learn from it . and sometimes . even i am convicted . and so surprised that came out of my mouth . but should i be? the me that did stuff its own way died a long time ago . but the sin that indwells my members as Paul so phrased it . uses my memories to deceive me to think that person is still there . but .. it is not . it is an illusion kept alive by my trust in its existence . do not feed it . it may have very real consequences . but it is definitely not as it appears .

    Put off the old self . and put on Christ . a corpse buzzing with flies never made a good work suit anyway .

    and remember to rest . Jesus finished his work . so that we might rest in Him .

    hope you are all well today


    -Michael .
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