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  1. tithing

    i have a question, i gave my tithes on my income tax refund,we tithe all of our income from work, just wanted to know is this something iam suppose to tithe,or is it jus up to the person:confused:
  2. I encourage you to study out the tithe that God requires. Look for the answers to these questions...

    When one tithes, who does one tithe to since there is no more Levitical Priesthood? (Leviticus 27)

    When one tithes, is it as God's tithe was set up in Numbers 18 and Leviticus 27?

    Is the one receiving the tithe following the Biblical requirement of the one who receives the tithe and not owning their own land? or when did that change to the one receiving the tithe could own property?

    Is there a specific verse in the Word of God that says the tithe God requires of His children was money? I can only find the tithe being crops, flocks and herds in the Old Testament. (Numbers 18) Where can I find a verse or passage that tells us that it was amended to money?

    When was the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year tithe amended to a weekly tithe in God's Holy Word?

    The Old Testament teaches us that the Levites were not to receive tithes from people living outside of national Israel. Can you point me to the verse or verses in the Bible where that was amended to include people all over the world?

    In Leviticus 27 and Numbers 18, the tithe was only required of farmers and herders. Where is the verse that says it was amended to include people of all trades?

    In Deuteronomy 14:23-26, we read that the tithe was to be eaten in the streets. Why do we not follow this practice? Where was the tithe amended to money instead of food?
  3. The tithe was an Old Testament practice. It was mentioned only in the New Testament in connection with practicing Jews and never again from the Book of Acts and on (the birth of the Church). We are commanded to give with a cheerful heart and as the Spirit of God moves us. That being said I personally feel that 10% is a good place to start.
  4. Oh, I'm glad you said that, Bo, because, that's the way I believe. I don't think people should be tithing simply because it was an Old Testament Law. If we are tithing at all, it should be out of a grateful heart and not out of duty. God only wants our best.

    I actually think it would be best not to tithe at all, but to bring our grateful gifts to the storehouse (churches) from what God has blessed us with. But, now the churches expect it, and they have grown accustomed to it and would probably go broke if people stopped tithing.

    I don't believe God intended there to be mega churches, where so much money is spent on lighting and speakers, etc. I think churches were supposed to be small enough to include every individual and we were supposed to be like a family who communed together and worshipped God together, but don't get me started.

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