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  1. Tithing

    When we tithe, God's blessing upon the nine-tenths helps it to go further than the ten-tenths without His blessing.
    Billy Graham
  2. Amen! Our pastor taught something similar not too long ago. It really made an impact!

  3. Someone said tithing was no longer required because it was a command in the Old Testiment, and there is nothing about it in the New. What do you all think about this? Shouldn't we give out of love to our pastors and not do it because it is a Law?

    I have never tithed because I didn't understand it, but I wonder if our churches would not be so "mega" if tithing was non-existent. :eek: And, would that be a bad thing?
  4. We have had many discussions on tithing and personally it is up to the individual but for me I have been blessed over and over again by giving to the Lord . I would not be in the place I am today if it were not for God's goodness and He always gives back 100 fold.
  5. save your treasure in heaven,were moths and thieves don,t steal.
  6. If giving did not happen in the churches how would the church support itself? We have pastors, staff, ministries, missions etc. that all require money. Tithing is not commanded in the New Testament. I do believe that giving with a cheerful heart is. Remember that the early church shared everything and lacked nothing. :)
  7. I do not believe in tithing in a legalistic sense but 10% is a good place to start your giving.
  8. I believe that what I'm getting at, dodson, is that it is too late at this point for people to stop tithing. Just think of all the mega churches that have all that high tech equipment with which to worship and conduct their concerts and all, when all that would have to be done to lead others to Christ would be by word of mouth, or home churches.

    Look at all the third world countries who conduct their churches underground and in simple buildings, and how happy they are and yet so simple. All I'm saying is that money is what holds most churches together. I'm sure in Jesus' day, people were so thankful for what their elders had done to bring Christ to them, that they gave gifts to the pastors, or whatever they were called and this was enough to keep him going because God took care of them. It was all simpler back there, and I realize that is not how it is done in this day, but just asking you to think about it.

    Just a "What If." I just wonder if there would be less corruption in the churches if money were not involved. That's all. Not that it will ever happen that way, just a thought. I, however, don't plan on tithing and then feeling guilty when I miss one week or something. I just love to give what I can because I want to spread the Word in any way I can, and because I can, and I do it from a willing heart. If you tithe with a willing heart, and not out of guilt, or because you want God to bless you, then I guess that's what you need to do. No worries.
  9. they would prefer you not to know about some things.
  10. there is a passage on a similar subject,Jesus said the pharisee,s and that time,would not enter themselves.they were at the gate etc.the only reason people wouldn,t enter,would be because they are manipulating others.
  11. I asked a close friend about this. Here is the response I got. Something to think about I suppose.

    Heb. 7.4-10, references the tithes in the OT and notes that Abraham gave a tithe of his spoils and that Levites (today Levites would be considered ministers of the church) were authorized by the Law to take tithes from the people and use them for God's use.
    There are also a few instances where Jesus is encouraging followers to give what they have. Jesus typically uses hyberbole to illustrate his points about giving, like with the rich young ruler, where He insists the ruler to give all to the poor. But, the principle is considered to be carried over as a result of Heb. 7 and Jesus' insistence to give.

    Early Judaism and Christianity routinely made tithing (giving a tenth of firstfruits) a point of emphasis. Obviously the Hebrew preacher did as well as Cyprian and Chrysostom (disciple of the Apostle John). Augustine continued the doctrinal stance. The point being, that the apostles and those after them (as well as Jesus) are known to carry this practice into the New Testament church.
  12. True some of the early church did pratice this as were many other Jewish customs and traditions but there is not a single biblical admonition to a Christian to tithe. It was discussed by Christ with His Jewish disciples. From the Book of Acts (the birth of the church) and on giving is mentioned frequently but tithing is not mentioned once.
  13. There is of corse, Mat. 23:23 and Lk. 11:42 where Jesus says tithing is something not to leave undone.
  14. nobody is stopping anybody from giving.but we are not under law to give 10%.and people who are manipulating people and forcing people away from faith are wrong.
  15. this is a good learning point about cain and abels gifts.which was good and which was worthless.
  16. Again Ricky - Jesus was preaching to lost souls and practicing Jews and in this instance Pharisees in particular. There is no such commandment to the Church.
  17. So God has different standards for different people.
    I didn't know that.
  18. This is a very contraversial subject and I have to admit that each one needs to tithe accoding to what they feel is best because I don't think there are any hard fast rules but I do know that we need to give with a merry heart because if we give grudgingly then there is not point of giving at all .

    If we make a habit of setting aside each Sun . a certain amount we are disciplining ourselves and I really believe God honours that .

    My God is rich and owns the cattle on a thousand hills so He doesn't need my money . He needs my heart and if my heart is in the right place so will my money be . I will not hord it but give to my storehouse where I am being fed the Word of God . Because how do churches run and pastors and missionaries .? Certainly not on the air we breath . So my conclusion would be that I am a cheerful giver and God says He loves a Cheerful giver.

    2 Corinthians 9:7
    Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
  19. God can do anything,also so can we with a good heart and faith.
  20. I do not mind if we disagree on this. Brother's can disagree and still be brothers.:D

    The Jews were servants, we are sons. You did not know that He treats His sons different than the world? The favor of God, the grace of God, the indwelling of God, the freedom we have in Christ- all those things are given to no one else.

    All that aside can you find one mention of tithing to the church.Giving in the church was sacrificial and joyful but not of compulsion. Tithing was indeed only ever mentioned in direct relation to the pharisees.
    Again all that aside I give 10% as a starting point and more whenever possible and whenever led.
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