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  1. Like I said I don't "tithe" I give..and I have the blessing of the Lord and abound in all grace..I say that only to help some get past that fear that has been presented along with the reasons that are giving for the tithe. God wants us to give and if we are in fellowship with a ministry to support that "good" work. But we are NOT under the law to tithe, that point needs to be expressed because its causing many to miss faith and the blessing that is based upon sowing and reaping in faith.
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    Absolutely---we are not under the law, but when God puts His finger on something in us and tells a person He wants a tenth earmarked for Himself, we ought to obey Him. There are still promises He has made that are attached to the tithe that He desires we receive.

    We cannot stand and tell everyone that they must do it---nor that everyone must not do it, precisely because this is not a law for us. It is a spiritually discerned matter between God and each believer. According to the New Testament, though, should God speak to an area of one's life and the person does not heed Him, then it is sin for him.
  3. Well the fact is that He does not put His finger on the tithe in the New Covenant.. And it is NOT a sin to not tithe! That's the law! Not the New Covenant... That's been my point from the beginning on this thread...Its not a New Covenant teaching, it cannot be found in ALL THE NEW TESTAMENT....I wonder if Paul and Peter and James and John missed the truth? No, they did not! I don't tithe and I am blessed going in and coming out...I see many who tithe that are cursed...because they "think" God demands the tithe and they do not give according to faith.
  4. That's right. It is not a sin to not tithe, just as it is not something to disdain should one tithe to the Lord. It is a practice that God's people have done in His word, and because it is in His word, He will still bless it, as His promises are still active and are not made defunct due to the New Covenant.
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  5. I guess we will have to agree to disagree? Unless someone can present the tithe in the New Covenant in a way that suggest its what God desires? If anyone goes beyond this scripture..I cannot agree.

    2Co 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.
  6. There is no one I would rather agree to disagree with than you, friend.
  7. The only thing I would want to point out is that to give and to tithe are two concepts.
  8. You know JP has some teaching on this that I have really listened to but it just has not made that real connection in truth as I look at the truth of scripture ...I am willing to see this in a deeper way, but I don't move on an issue until I know the Lord moves me..:D
  9. And I have another great grace teacher, Andrew Womack that agrees with my view... I have not come to the end of this issue but I will never teach the tithe as a matter of requirement ..Unless the Lord REALLY moves me!
  10. I am the same way. It took years for God to get hold of me and my husband concerning the tithe. Once we felt we heard from Him, we moved on it and have never looked back...even now as my husband has suffered a stroke last July and was forced to go into full retirement (he was already working a job after retirement from his 30-year employment at the steel company in our city), and we have had to live on his pension and government-paid disability, so our tithe has reduced greatly---and our monthly expenses remain the same, if not more in some ways, so we are not exactly well-heeled.

    God is our Jehovah Jireh. No worries...truly.
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  11. Love Andrew!
  12. tithe is a command (cheerful or not)

    over and above that is giving (cheerfulness is important here)

    if God said 10% who are we to adjust it? give 100% if you want but first honour the 10%.

    if your buddies are giving variations - let them continue, just as him who continues to sin - let him sin.
    when Jesus wanted to wash peter's feet - peter told him "why not wash my whole body etc" by this
    peter upset the balance of everything. almost like how control freaks do. you always have to do things
    your way.

    tithe is about doing things HIS WAY. but don't worry, you only limit yourself.
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  13. guys having said that,

    your conscience is your guide. you all know what you need to do before God
    and using others to benchmark your progress or as a measure of your obedience
    is not the way.

    God might hold it against someone to not tithe and the other He might ignore.
    only YOU can decide where you stand.

    Like I said, there were plenty of times I didn't tithe in my life. And I was ok.
    The difference is however that when I started - there was this bigger blessing
    that was definitely monitory but also more importantly spiritual. It cut the space
    between me and God and made me feel closer to Him and His tangible Presence
    and action in my life. That for me was the biggie.

    Now you come to that point of decision to be obedient only by grace. same as I did.

    all this singing on and on about tithe is so that you can be blessed. but if you are not
    there yet, I guess the scales need to fall off your eyes then.

    "its the kindness of God which leads us to repentance"

    and please don't defend what you know you should do with the very word of God
    that asks you to do it. If you don't wanna tithe then just don't do that. hiding
    under the very word of God is adding more sin.

    you don't have to be a spiritual expert to understand this whole tithe thing biblically.
    the bible is simple enough for kids to understand. "bring ye all the tithes"

    I end here.
  14. we are not exempt from things that don't agree with God's word.
    its hard but justifying the following when you are in the wrong
    is not the way to bring God's Holy Spirit on the situation.

    -say you don't tithe
    -you like members of the same sex
    -are dating an unbeliever
    -are seeing someone else behind your wife's back

    guys, sin is part of this life unfortunately. what you shouldn't do
    is find verses to defend it. using God's very own word to encourage
    your disobedience??? be true to yourself.
  15. [QUOTE="Mercedes Benz E Class, post: 335082, member: 12243]tithe is a command (cheerful or not)

    Yes it is, according to the law! And those under law are under the curse of the law! I am blessed going in and coming out...:D

    Ga 3:9 So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.
    10 For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them.
  16. Its called the New Covenant...Where true godliness is by the Spirit and not by the letter.

    Not ONE TIME does the NEW TESTAMENT teach the tithe, but it does teach over and over that greedy people will attempt to make merchandise of Gods people. Anyone who teaches the tithe according to the law, is a false teacher!
  17. I am commanded to be generous so that's what I'll be. Who's to say I won't get the same blessings from giving ten percent to a homeless shelter?

    1. I don't have to tithe based on what the New Testament teaches
    2. Liking them isn't sinful
    3. You can even marry an unbeliever and be fine
    4. Obviously we aren't supposed to do that. It's interesting you put that in a list with your own personal beliefs rather than what the Bible says.

    We should study the Bible in context. So, that works both ways. No one holding your view has been able to give a convincing argument for monetary tithing. This is another thing that makes me think that church (being preached to with no chance to ask questions or respond) may actually be bad for us. People tell us what verses mean and then we can't see it as anything else.
  18. Your tithe doesn't belong to a homeless shelter. Under God, you have no right to misappropriate it.
  19. Hunting I am saying that even if you find yourself there, and actually act on your sin its "ok"

    what is not ok is using the very bible that speaks out against your sin to defend your very sin.

    e.g. Jesus was close to the adulterous woman, meaning he must have liked her
    which makes adultery ok. ITS GROSS MISSAPROPRIATION of His word.

    just call a spade a spade. don't get it twisted.
  20. I don't think I've ever said anything even remotely similar to your example.
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