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  1. Someone know CPR for horses?
  2. Well of course the tithe is NEVER commanded except in the law... if you "think" this is a requirement ? That proves you are under law, and under the curse of the law. You cant just pick out parts of the law to obey and then expect to blessed!

    The New Covenant represents giving in COMPLETE contrast to the law...

    2Co 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

    You guys have been deceived and unless you do find the truth for yourselves and are delivered from the law, your giving is cursed and your money bags are full of holes!
  3. By the way..all glory to God..but everything I touch is blessed, my cup runneth over and I abound in all grace! I do not tithe I give according to the law written upon my heart, love...I feed those who are hungry, I give shelter to those who are in need. I even give to certain ministries that preach and teach the truth... I sow and I reap...but I have enough biblical understanding to know I am not under the tithe...I am blessed coming in and going out.. Be set free from the bondage of mans religion and the greed of man!
  4. Mitspa, you keep referring to THE LAW.


    Explain this.
  5. I have not spoken against faith at all...There is NO COMMANDMENT to tithe in the New Covenant! Not in ALL the epistles is the tithe presented as a requirement in any way. So if some want to give according to Abrahams tithe..good..but that is not a requirement upon the New Covenant church.... do you not see the difference? The Lord does not desire a gift given in this manner.

    2Co 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.
  6. As far as I understand it the curse and blessings from tithing came from Malachi. Hence Abraham tithed without those...? All curses and blessing from obeying law were nailed to Jesus on the cross Coll 2:14.

    Tithing is a fine percentgae. Especially for the Jews when you consider one of twelve tribes in full time ministry needing it. It equates to 110% average income. Putting them on par with all others (similar transport, housing etc) and providing regular / reliable monthly income.

    No harm preaching it today as long as the curses and blessings sections per Malachi are removed.

  7. Wasn't it Melchezedik?
  8. He is speaking of the fact that the law came after Abraham and the "curse" of not tithing is written in the book of malachi (which is the law)
  9. By the way Abraham offered this time ONE TIME after he won a great victory...There is no record that he gave a "tithe" before or after this.
  10. My wife and I win great victories thru Christ every day, so we pay it ONE TIME, EACH & EVERY DAY. HE is too good to us to hold back from HIM.

    I'm sure Abraham had more than just that one victory thru The Lord as well, knowing our God.
  11. Look friend, if you give according to the "law of faith" and according to Abraham's example...of course your blessed in giving in faith! But that is not what is being taught in 99.9% of the churches! What is being taught is the commandment of the law to tithe according to the written code of the law. Now the law is cursed, unless one keeps ALL THE LAW..and this is why we see the curse working in the church. Because folks are under the law!
  12. Being led by the Spirit is important. If we give or not give out of our intellect we will probably miss it. We will start reasoning in our minds why not to give.
    I know some look at Old T verses New T but it all was given for inspiration & learning. Father Abraham gives us lessons on faith. Though my folks were Old they raised me in the way I should go that when I got older I would have direction. Not out of I HAVE to do something but because I learned how to be a blessing. Im held accountable for MY part. Old T they used the word tithe & in the New T its give from the Holy Spirit & out of the love walk.
    Jesus was not religious & didn't do anything just to make the Pharisees happy & yet we see in Matt the story of the MASTERS MONEY & how he watched & talked about issues in peoples lives.... Some were faithful w/HIS money, some had FEAR. When we bless others by investing into their lives & then teach them (like the Master (teacher) did) its like multiplication in the Kingdom of God. I myself don't go into prisons but I am a blessing to ministries that do. etc. sex trafficking etc. Every ministry takes money . The laborer is worthy of hire we see in Matt. The Master has no problem blessing the laborer. But I bet the one w/one talent thought "why did that guy get 5?" THEN when he got 10.... OH NO .... lol ..... now he has a lot more than the guy who had the one. lol Jealousy , fear , so much goes into our thoughts (which we all battle w/in growth) . Our focus needs to be on learning to be led by the Spirit so when we see a ministry who the MASTER maybe blessed w/10 talents we still bless cause we BELIEVE that's where the HOLY SPIRIT of God told us that it was good soil.
    I for one being a woman emotions (lol) are something Im growing & learning to not be controlled by. BUT being led......... sometimes easier said than done. But even baby steps make progress.... in searching my heart & motive of why I do or don't do things. Whether its pride of insecurity, inferiority, FEAR has so many faces..... or faithfulness, love..........
    Our journey in life is we look to the Father for teaching & learning & then as we grow up HE gives us more opportunities to try out what we learn & allows us to see ... soooooooooo ...... how are we growing.......... what areas do we still need to work on......... just like a parent who guides as the child grows.......
    For me it doesn't matter if the word tithe or tenth is there..... my Father trained me up the way I should go (in finances) & Im learning to walk therein.....
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  13. Do any of you really think that ALL THE APOSTLES and prophets and inspired writers of the New Testament, forgot to tell us about our requirement to tithe and how important it is for us the be blessed? I say a large portion of people have been taught to tithe out of fear, not faith! Not ONE TIME is the tithe taught in the New Testament, in any way, as a requirement. We are however taught over and over about those who would make merchandise of us and take advantage, in greed, of us.
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  14. I really am not concerned about whether tithing is a New Testament thing or an Old Testament thing. I know that God's promises are good forever, and there are certain promises surrounding the tithe.
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  15. Yes they are.. just like the rest of the law..if you obey "all" the law you are blessed, if you fail at one point, you are cursed. Now if some have entered into the promises of the tithe, its not because of their obedience to the tithe, its because they have entered into faith. And the promise of sowing and reaping. If anyone thinks God is counting a percentage of what one gives, they are not seeing truth. And I would also add that the promise of the tithe is a matter of the blessing In Christ. For all the promises of God are yes and amen IN HIM.
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  16. The church did use so many other ways to bless people than money. Jesus healed the blind man. Jesus raised a girl from the dead. Jesus helped the cripple man walk. The disciples helped the blind. They healed the sick. It was all done w/out money. They were given & multiplying the Kingdom by love & yet it took money for them. They learned both ways to be a blessing. They didnt take a purse & then they took a purse. Im not saying anyone here I don't know you all. But what I have seen from some of those I know is: they use tithe not in the new testament, as an excuse not to give & then though, they don't go on to give of their time like the disciples did & study to show themselves approved & go out & pray for the sick & help. It takes money & time to run a ministry & Judas took care of the money. Yet none of the disciples knew he was stealing cause none of them even knew who Jesus was talking about at the last supper. But, I do believe it should be given out of love for others growth & healing , not necessity, or fear. We reap what we sow.... I cant sow corn & get soybeans. However, the Lord leads us to be a blessing then that's what we need to work on. I agree so many give out of fear or necessity instead of the love walk for others. We need to search our hearts to truly know what is going on w/in us. Then be led.
  17. God isn't counting. He is witnessing trust in Him as Jehovah Jireh.
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  18. I have many friends and brothers and sisters in Christ who "tithe" but I think some of them give 9.99% and some give 10.2% and some really give about 5% and some give much more.. Its important to give in a way that would support the work of the ministry and to those in need. God blesses faith not fear! A smaller portion given in faith and in joy, will reap much more than a portion given from fear, guilt and religious tradition.
  19. How true that is. I am sure you are aware that to those who are serious about the tithe allow nothing to touch it, and also give above the tithe as offerings. A cheerful and grateful heart is what God desires to see in us.
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