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  1. A word I have come to realise sends shivers down many Christian's spines (even the "strong" ones mentioned:

    • tithing is so old testament
    • we are to give cheerfully
    • God understands "I don't make all that much money"
    • what if the next month I wanna give 80%, why the 10% limit? for all I care, next month could be 3%!
    • Another printed out about 5 A4 pages on why we it is so legalistic

    What do you genuinely feel?

    As for me? the commands of God are just that "commands". Justifying myself out was tantamount to disobedience. I also realised that tithe is meant for my own good - I just cant tell you how much God has done since. It is true, the windows of heaven open with more blessing than you can contain.
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    One of our forum members, GaryArnold, has written a short book about tithing which he has released for free on his website, here http://tithing101.com/ In it, he examines the OT commands about tithing to show that no one actually follows those commands today, and he also shows how the NT principles of giving actually require us to be more generous with what we have than a tithing law would. If you're interested in the subject, the book is well worth a read.

    This subject has been discussed on the forums at length. You may find this thread useful to you:
  3. Sounds interesting. I think I will definitely check out the book!
  4. I am a tither. And i always will be, it is now ingrained in me . I cannot imagine not being a tither. I want to put God first in my life and that includes giving Him the first 10% that comes into my hands.
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  5. Can you help me find bible verses that say 10 %
  6. Therefore the Lord, the God of Israel, declares: Those who honor me i will honor, but those who despise me will be disdained. (1 Samuel 2:30)
  7. Does another version maybe include the 10% part?
  8. Bring all the tithes into the the storehouse, that there may be food in My house. (Malachi 3:10).
  9. There is something in Judges that includes the 10% . I am looking but in the meantime there are other verses relating . I will find the verses relating to 10% though i promise.
    "And i will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field, says the LORD of hosts". (Malachi 3:11).
  10. I can only think of one verse where Christ talks about giving. It was the rich man that said he kept all of the commandments. He told Christ he kept al the commandments, but Christ told him there was something else he needed to do, and that was "sell ALL that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me."

    That was the commandment given, but I guess the guy couldn't do it. I never really heard Christ mention anything about 10%, he only mentioned giving ALL.

    Then we have the story of Ananias and Sapphira, and it appears at that time the Christians were also giving all. It seems the main focus is about them lying to the Holy Spirit, but what were they lying about? Giving all.

    So I'm wondering, is it more biblical for us to give all? I guess I should study this more.
  11. We give all of our selves to the Holy Spirit. I will get back to you on the certain verse about 10%. .I know it is in the bible , do not remember where because i have not questioned it myself. But it is definitely there. Wait with patience till tomorrow if you don't find it beforehand
  12. Ok sorry i checked with somone i know, he says not in judges and not specifically 10% , but Malachi chp.3.That is about the tithe .
  13. I've always taken it that 10% comes from the meaning of the word tithe. My dictionary gives it at coming from the Old English teotha meaning a tenth.
  14. Tithe- the tenth part.
  15. From Smith's Bible Dictionary:

    Tithe. The proportion of property, devoted to religious uses, from very early times. Instances of the use of tithes are found, prior to the appointment, of the Levitical tithes under the law. In biblical history, the two prominent instances are --

    Abram presenting the tenth of all his property, or rather of the spoils of his victory, to Melchizedek. Gen_14:20; Heb_7:2; Heb_7:6.

    Jacob, after his vision at Luz, devoting a tenth of all his property to God, in case, he should return home in safety. Gen_28:22.

    The first enactment of the law, in respect of tithe, is the declaration that the tenth of all produce, as well as of flocks and cattle, belongs to Jehovah and must be offered to him; that the tithe was to be paid in kind, or, if redeemed, with an addition of one fifth to its value. Lev_27:30-33 . This tenth is ordered to be assigned to the Levites as the reward of their service, and it is ordered further thatm they are themselves to dedicate to the Lord a tenth of these receipts, which is to be devoted to the maintenance of the high priest. Num_18:21-28. This legislation is modified, or extended, in the book of Deuteronomy, that is, from thirty-eight to forty years later.

    Commands are given to the people. -- To bring their tithes, together with their votive, and other offerings and first-fruits, to the chosen centre of worship, the metropolis, there to be eaten in festive celebration, in company with their children, their servants and the Levites. Deu_12:5-18.

    All the produce of the soil was to be tithed; and these tithes, with the firstlings of the flock and herd, were to be eaten in the metropolis.

    But in case of distance, permission is given to convert the produce into money, which is to be taken to the appointed place, and there laid out in the purchase of food for a festal celebration, in which the Levite is, by special command, to be included. Deu_14:22-27.

    Then follows the direction that , at the end of three years, all the tithe of that year, is to be gathered and laid up, "within the gates," and that a festival is to be held, of which the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, together with the Levite, are to partake. Deu_5:28-29.

    Lastly, it is ordered that after taking the tithe in each third year, "which is the year of tithing," an exculpatory declaration is to be made by every Israelite that he has done his best to fulfill the divine command, Deu_26:12-14.
    From all this we gather --
    (1) That one tenth of the whole produce of the soil was to be assigned for the maintenance of the Levites.
    (2) That out of this the Levites were to dedicate a tenth to God for the use of the high priest.
    (3) That a tithe, in all probability a second tithe, was to be applied to festival purposes.
    (4) That in every third year, either this festival tithe or a third tenth was to be eaten in company with the poor and the Levites.
    (These tithes in early times took the place of our modern taxes, us well as of gifts for the support of religious institutions. -- Editor).
  16. Another great topic to beat down :)

    When these kind of discussions come up, I always wonder what reasons are given in the Bible.. For some the reason is plain and simple.. For some, it is like a gray area.. And for some, complete black box.. For example, we do not know completely why God created man :) God gave law to man.. I guess everyone can agree on why.. Similarly circumcision.. I look at tithing from same angle.. What does Bible say about the reason behind tithing being institutionalized.. I have few thoughts to share.. Not everything is related.. Just thoughts from different perspectives..

    The first person to tithe is Abraham.. I do not know fully on how Abraham came to this realization.. But it was the interaction between Melchizedek that opened his eyes.. When God called Abraham first, he simply asked him to leave his father's house.. But Abraham carried all the possessions they had accumulated.. After the meeting with Melchizedek, he refuses to accept anything from the king.. I always wondered if this is the point where Abraham truly realized that everything he has is from God.. And the possessions really do not matter.. What I take away from this is, tithing is not something we give from ours.. We give something back to God from His blessings..

    Why Tithing was needed? Pretty much the entire Israel society was built on Tithing.. Because priests did not have any possession and did not have any properties.. They had to depend on the tithes from people.. A look at it very similar to taxes imposed by government.. We all know what would happen to economy if people try to avoid paying taxes.. It affects the entire society.. Same way tithing was very important.. It is very similar to why jubilees were implemented..

    If we are not bound to the law, are we bound to tithing? Isn't tithing part of the law? What is the point of counting 10% up to the level of pennies when our heart is not rite? Does it mean there is no need to Tithe? Of course no! God has showed the way for us to how to balance the needs of preachers & teachers.. And at the same time honor God by giving our first fruits.. We can choose to reject it completely and destroy the balance.. Because we are not bound by the law. Or else we can tithe and don't look at it from legalistic perspective..

    I think through tithing we will get more spiritual blessings that material blessings.. If we tithe for church planting, we are creating the opportunity for more people to hear the gospel.. That is the blessing.. The rewards will be in heaven.. The true blessing is God using us to bring more people to Salvation.. When our focus is on building the kingdom of heaven, God will take care of all the other material needs.. So I won't look at tithing as a way to open door of material blessings from heaven.. I would look at what is the definition of blessing itself..

    Finally, I do tithing.. I try my best to maintain at least one tenth.. Because that is the minimum I should be easily be able to give to the Lord.. I don't tithe everything to my church.. A substantial percent goes to my Church.. But I also try to support other ministries who really need the support.. Not the big mega-ministries.. People back in India who are running small churches and ministering to people in villages.. I always get burdened for such people.. Because we have the luxury of internet, YouVersion, smartphones, etc.. People in such villages are illiterate and really need more teachers and preachers..
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  17. I currently don't have a church so I don't tithe. I would definitely tithe if I had a home church. I think giving to ministries that need it also counts, although I've heard some Christians say it doesn't.

    Honestly, a lot of pastors make too much money, in my opinion. You have pastors out there that have their house paid for by the church, have four cars and two motorcycles, and still bring in 70k a year. That is very close to rich to me because no one in my family, other than my grandfather, has ever made anywhere near that much money. Heck, when I was working my butt off at the police department I was only bringing in 28k a year. That's part of the reason I hate tithing to churches. I don't like the pastor saying we really need to tithe so that we can get a new van for a trip when he's out buying a new car with the money I gave last month. Obviously this isn't the case in all churches, but it's been my experience.
  18. You were a cop?? :eek: No more arguments with you.. You will only get Likes and Agree.. LOL!

    Just kidding!! :)

    That is the problem I see as well.. People say tithing should be only to Church.. They say only priests were only getting everything.. Then, the same pastors get a good pay check also! Priests were not getting anything else like a fixed salary.. I think its comparing apples and oranges.. Unless we understand the meaning and purpose of tithes, this will just keep bouncing all over the place.. The other problem is, there will be no agreement on the meaning and purpose! :)
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