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  1. I always read that we need to devote our entire lives to God and always put Him first. I have been doing this, but am starting to get tired of constantly thinking about Him, reading the bible, praying, etc...and I probably haven't even been doing it as much as some very devoted Christians!

    I've only been devoting this much time for a little over a month and I already feel boredom and dread sometimes when I'm about to read the bible. I finally finished the book of Job and I was getting so bored I had to gloss over some scriptures. Why? How do I overcome this slump?
  2. It should be a relationship, not ritualistic religion.

    Will a good husband be one who reads and every single article and book on marriage, DIY and raising children? Further will this good husband shut himself away from the family for days on end while he enlightens himself, but then go and start complaining about how tiresome all this studying is to his friends? No, of course not. Its not like that with us and GOd either.

    I go through periods where I dont read or study anything, yes I should, but although I may neglected Bible Study, I do not neglect the relationship with The Lord, fortunately we do not have to pass theology exam to enter heaven.

    Remeber its relationship and you should not destroy that relationship through burdening yourself with religious practice.
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  3. Yes, don't let it be ritualistic. We all slump-silly humans!

    On top of that-the enemy doesn't want you in God's word and will whisper evil thoughts in your ear. Continue to feed your spirit in doctrine that applies to you; even when you don't want too..if you make your relationship a burden, it will only harm your view of Christ.

    Sometimes finding joy in the moment is difficult-but if you have to fake it; eventually it will win. It is better than the alternative. Don't beat yourself up too much over it.

    And JOB! Ugh....like 20 chapters of his "friends" berating him....

    When all else fails I turn to John or Esther...
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  4. We all go through this and I even go through this from time to time. In fact, even tonight, I'm reading the Bible and I put my Bible down and said to God, "I DONT WANT TO DO THIS!" And what did God say? "Pray." And so, I did. I prayed for a change of heart. I was also a bit irritated tonight, so I was already in a mood when I got into the presence of God. And honestly, God wants us to be REAL with him. He is completely real with us, because he's Truth, so why can't we be real with him? We can! He wants us to be authentic. Tonight, when I was in the mood, my heart wasn't in the mood to read the Bible. In fact, every word I read in the Bible, I was getting even MORE aggravated because I didn't want to read...I just wanted to vent, to get my feelings out. And then God said, "Put your bible down. Tell me what's going on." And I told him. I was frustrated with things and I was aggravated.

    After I told God those feelings and how I felt, and as I picked up the Bible again, I was still a little bit irritated. But as I continued to read, it got better and at the end, my heart was feeling so much better.

    God doesn't call you to be religious. He doesn't. That's not what he wants. He wants a relationship. I have felt several times that my relationship with God comes off as work and I don't want to get in His presence. But yet, I push. I grab my Bible and I start reading it. But then God says, "Stop being religious. You want a revival in your relationship with Me? Stop being religious. I want YOU, Katie. Stop trying to do things because you know it's the right thing to do. I want you to be an authentic Christian!" I was going through the ritual: Read the Bible, Worship God, journal. And it wasn't doing anything for me. Now, those things are NOT wrong! In fact, they are very important to grow in your relationship with God. But doing them out of ritual, out of religion, then that's not inviting God to come in and work in your life. I was doing those things to BE religious, not to be relational. I was doing it because it was the Christian duty to do it. I wasn't being real with God.

    It's okay to be real with Him. So you're telling us it's a job....so tell God that! Tell him your frustrations! Tell Him about your weariness! That's what God wants! You feel sad? Then tell Him! You feel angry? Then tell Him! You feel happy?! TELL HIM! :) That's what He wants.

    One night, I actually bawled my eyes out to Him. But then I stopped myself and said, "Oh no, Katie. You HAVE to read the Bible. Stop crying. You need to read the Bible!" And God said, "Not yet. Katie, I want you to cry now." So I put my Bible down and started to cry again and all He said was, "Now, THIS is the Katie I want." Why did He say that? Because I was being REAL with him.

    And that's what He wants from you! Pray for a recharge in your heart. Your battery is near empty and it's almost dead, pray that God recharges that heart. And be real with your Father. He wants to talk to you. He wants you to be authentic

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  5. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, not the bible. But everything the Holy Spirit teaches you will tie in 100% with the bible. It is sad if we get bored with reading the bible! Studying it is a quick way (like a cheat / privilege) to becoming smarter Christians and learning more about a God that has no end to insight He can give us.

    If I were you, I would pray before I read. Pray that the Holy Spirit reveal the heart of God to you behind the scripture. You have to see the bible as a love letter from your greatest love.

    How many times would you read a note from a guy you had a crush on? ;)
  6. Look at the bigger picture. The glory of God. God is great. Thank God every day. We all get like that at times. When the chips are up we grab the bible to read we praise God but when they're down we don't bother. :-(

    Jesus had some great parables in the 2nd testament on Christians that get behind. Parable of the Sower is one that comes to mind.:)
  7. I wouldnt just read it all the time, but show it to all my friends.
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  8. I was taught about God at the age of six at mass and never have tire of him since. I couldn't if i wanted too i can't give up on God its impossible for me, my life has been one roller coaster ride where many things have happen in my life then to top it off i get a brain tumor! And i have to wait 30 days before i know if the tumor is malignant if it is then im a dead man walking if benign then im okay no more stress worry at whether im going to live or die. That's probably enough for me to no longer want to believe in God. But like i said its impossible He's always on my mind Hes always close by, never to far away and wont let me go. Sometimes in my life i have strayed but i always end up coming back. So all i can do in my situation is keep the faith and praise Him. I find praising God in the morning soon as i wake up makes me feel good for the day.
  9. LOL I definitely now how you feel
  10. I really like you katie :) one of the reasons is because your so authentic..and dont try to cover and hide those times you dont feel like reading or praying or what ever. I can relate to you ..i just wish i could hear God nearly as much as you do.. what do you do?
  11. I'm not really sure what I do :/ lol. I guess it's always been like that, ever since I made a commitment to God, I've heard His voice.

    I believe that He speaks all the time to people, I truly do :) But it takes a lifetime to know His voice. Ask God to show Himself to you, to speak to you. He'll show you. Maybe not right away on your terms, but He will answer :)
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  12. I used to not read the scriptures as much as I should until I came across this passage;

    Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long. How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (Psalm 119:97, 103 NIV)

    I thought to myself why does David love the scriptures so much? Why did God love David so much? After all David is recorded for all eternity as being a man after God's own heart.

    What about my love for God? Where is my heart? What does God think about me? Shouldn't I love the scripture just as much?

    Was my reading just mechanical? Was there something wrong with me? Is my name not written in the "Book of Life"?

    Will I be one of the many where Jesus says;

    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ (Matthew 17:21-23 NIV)

    I truly believe that God will give whatever we ask as long as it's in accordance to His will. (John 16:23). And for man to love God is God's will.

    So I prayed deeply that I would love His word, that I would meditate on the scriptures day and night. That man does not live by bread alone but by every word from the mouth of God. That the words of God are like honey and sweeter than honey to my mouth, and ...

    Anyway God will answer all prayers in accordance to His will. If you really want God's Word in your life, not just part but 'In Your Life' than sincerely pray about it.
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  13. Thank you everyone and thank you Donato. I have prayed that, but it doesn't seem to work for me the way it has with you. God bless you and your relationship with the Father. I, for one, am jealous.
  14. What exactly is not working little buddy.
  15. If you don't believe or have faith, you wouldn't understand, Chris. Are you back to believing?
  16. No, and why wouldnt I understand.
  17. Well, I'm not trying to make you question things more, but I also shouldn't shy away from telling the truth because I'm afraid it will affect you so I will just say it. I have prayed and asked God for me to devote myself more to him and stay on top of reading the bible, not doubt my salvation, or question things. Although, I certainly feel closer to God and know much more than I did, and have read more of the bible than I have in the past, I still feel doubt about His love for me. I feel that God looks at me as though I'm just living this Christian life, but that I'm never going to be saved. I don't feel good enough in His eyes. He knows I still battle with sin (my eating disorder mainly, which I can't seem to beat). I've prayed over and over for him to heal me, and I've just given into the reasoning lately that there must be a reason I'm still struggling with this. Other Christians tell me the same thing (that there's a reason He hasn't healed me), but then some Christians say, "God won't have you do something that's against His will." Or "Ask and you shall receive"; "Seek and you shall find Me." Have I found Him? What does finding Him mean?

    Him and I have a relationship. I bow my head to him in disgrace because I just feel he is so extremely disappointed in me for not overcoming my eating disorder or for being angry at people who hurt me, even though I pray for them and ask God to help me forgive them. Sometimes this battle is so strong that I just want to die. I just feel I can't take it anymore.
  18. I was so sad today that my mom didn't go to church with me after she had been going since January (after not going for 12 years). That in conjunction with pastoral service not contacting me after I reached out to them, that after the discussion I had with my friend about his disbelief in the Old Testament (and pretty much most of the Word) after he stated he was saved, that with my own doubts about my salvation, that with some things people have said on here to enhance my doubts,. I'm just so tired and emotionally weak. I need a miracle. I need a redemption. I need God to heal me or I feel I am just going to break.
  19. Ahhh....yes people will always let you down. That's why we need to lean on the Lord. It sound's to me like you have the right heart condition for the Lord-now the emotional dum dum that runs things has to be in subjection to the Lord.

    I hear you; I have had plenty of disappointments with lost souls and minister relationships. But people will ALWAYS disappoint. That's why we are not supposed to set our expectations too high.

    Saved people live in all types of conditions: including staying in their old lifestyle-never growing in Christ. They may go to heaven-but miss out on some great rewards...
  20. If we simply focus on prayer, Bible reading, and such as disciplines, it is no wonder we become bored and tired. The Word of God and prayer are vital sources of nourishment from God and relationship with Him. We can eat our vegetables because mom insists we clean our plates and they are good for us, or we can discover that we feel and function better with a diet which includes a healthy portion of vegetables.

    Maybe what you need is to find rest in the Lord. God loves you despite your eating disorder, your doubts, your disappointments, and your struggles. Do not bow to Him in disgrace and condemnation, He has redeemed you. Some people have strong bodies so they go to the gym and lift huge weights, others have weakened or broken bodies, so they go to rehab or occupational therapy and lift small weights, take small steps, sometimes just stretch a joint one increment more than they did before. Sometimes the strong bodies also break, and they, too, must learn the humility of weakness, and perhaps find God's strength in their weakness in a way they never did in their strength.
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