Tips to remove Trojan virus

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  1. Well from my experience with some PC games with satanic influences, i stay right away from stuff like that. Like patriot13 said BSD is not satanic But whether its true the creators were satanist or not, im not willing to take that risk.
  2. In the absence of any evidence, I think it is just a malicious rumor. It might have been started by a windoze devotee:)........nah seriously though, started by the authors of malicious code when they found they could not hack into UNIX systems .
    Well 80-ies survivor, as I said no skin off my nose if you want to give it a miss. If you are happy to play in the devil's playground windoze, that is OK, may the mightyand benevolent defrag keep your files from being splattered all over acres of HDD wilderness:sneaky:
  3. I see no reason to get defensive about it. I admitted that its just something I heard, when you look at it, it dont really matter an OS is an OS, nothing inherintly evil about it regardless of who made it. Just something that doesnt sit right with me, thats all.
  4. You do make a very good point, and ive been trying to find the original article i read it on to no avail, and since I cant find it, I will conceed the point.

    However, on the other note, could you not have just said this originally, instead of getting defensive and adding the sarcastic remarks-all that does is put people on the defensive, when if you had just said what you meant originally, it may have shortened this conversation considerably.
  5. all good mate, no offense i wasn't blaming you, you didn't know yourself till patriot mention it. But ive had bad experiences with PC games with evil influences. And i believe when I install something like such on my pc i have opened a gateway for evil to play with my head. It took me years before i realise it was these games that were the cause after reading an article about it. So i deleted them and threw away anything that I considered evil, not just the games but the manuals, posters, even a mouse pad i got with one game.

    Dont know if Bill Gates is a satanist im sure hes not after his charity fundings helping others. But if there is proof that he was once in cohoots with the devil i will give up Windows as well and maybe have to force myself to use linux or wait for Google OS to come out.
  6. If'n as how anybody is interested here is a link to what ought to be a secure search site:
    pardon my John Wayne Grammar :)
  7. You dont have anti-virus? it will help you.
  8. Gasoline & fire if nothing else works...

    There really are so many options-many discussed here already. As a last resort you can replace the hard drive, scan and recover the original HDD and then scrub it all together. When I was working for a corporate IT department, that's what we did...

    On a personal PC, it usually needs to be more 'intimate' for lack of a better word.

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