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  1. Yeah true thats the downfall of running windows. I dont like consoles so play PC games only where windows is needed, then theres office i like to use even thou there are freebie office software out there that are just as good. I use to run linux (Redhat 7, & ubuntu but found Linux as boring as whatching paint dry, leave it for the geeks to saliva over.

    Windows OS is simple straightforward and to the point, a brillant 'All in One' OS as long as you have it well protected from hackers/ exploits etc

    Tried Windows 8 but thought that was utter rubbish so went back to 7
  2. Tip: Run Linux with Oracle VirtualBox installed. Wrap windoze in the protective cocoon thus provided. This is not as lame as using 'wine' or 'crossover' when running windoze applications like msword, Photshop and so on, because you are actually running windoze in a partition that is isolated by the Linux/Ubuntu root level protection Best if you are using a wireless network though instead of ethernet...because there is no direct path path to wireless via a pci or pcxe card. What is then needed on the rare occasions that networking/internet is needed, is a usb wireless adapter.......neat huh? (y)
  3. One other great advantage of the above is that by opening VirtualBox>>>windoze in say, the second 'workspace' there is no need to be booting different OSs every time you want/need to change. for example, I use e-Sword under windoze because it is just that bit more stable than running under Linux/Ubuntu. Others I know have no trouble with e-Sword and Unix based platforms...but I do. Hence one reason for my setup. I can copy/paste from e-Sword into this forum S/W just by simply changing work spaces. For those unfamiliar with Linux/Ubuntu, the workspaces are essentially the same in principle as tabs in a browser.
  4. I understand what your trying to tell me.

    I have two pcs running one that is my main gaming rig running windows 7 ultimate edition the other is a piece of junk that i use to use for linux OSes. I have enough room to install Linux on the gaming pc (4 drives) but use the old pc for linux and what not, for reasons whenever another family member is using the gaming rig i would start up linux on the old pc to play around with it.

    One cool thing about linux is the 100's of free software apps avilable during install. Microsoft could learn a thing or two, but noooo, instead we fork out hundreds of dollars just to buy Office!

    I notice you mention in a preivous post you are running BSD? BSD was my first non window OS i had on the pc back in 1995 for about 2yrs then i moved onto Redhat. Had no idea BSD is still going to day i thought it had died years ago. Whats its like now? I might actually download and install it on the old pc.
  5. According to the hype BSD is fully UNIX. Linux and the others are Unix based as I understand the fast moving game, but not actually UNIX as BSD is supposed to be.
  6. No, I'm just in the process of maybe migrating to BSD. I have downloaded the Free BSD live dvd version 9.?? and put it on a spare 250gig sata drive. I have downloaded a pdf handbook 1120 pages of it:sleep: it will be a while before I get it up and running though.
  7. 1120 page handbook! WTH BSD was easy to figure out as windows 98 was back in the day. Sounds exciting. :cool:
  8. Well so far I have FreeBSD running with a gnome desktop, but I'm having some issues with getting it to talk to my wireless adapter. The blurbs say it has the required drivers for my card, but there is something I must be missing in /boot/loader.conf or elsewhere. I'll get it right someday...............I hope
  9. Would you know if BSD is okay to install as a Dual boot setup with Win 7, installing onto another drive. Might give this OS a try.

    Hope you get your wireless back up and running
  10. my only real issue with freeBSD is its creators, it was made by a bunch of satan worshipers. With that said, Im sure its a good OS, and by no means am I saying if you use it your supporting satan by any stretch of the imagination, its just code, but I just can't get past that fact myself.
  11. I assume you are incensed by the use of the caricature of a daemon? daemons are used in Unix and Linux based systems. they are also used in windoze, but are deceptively called 'processes'. Which is more intellectually call a spade a spade or to call a spade an enhanced digging aide?
    The word daemon comes from Greek mythology and just meant a critter that performed menial tasks. It was later used to describe evil spirits...demons.
  12. no, I was refering to the actual creators of freeBSD. though, i dont much care for the linux distros that have a little demon running around, I prefer the penguin, but with that being said the devil isnt what bothers me.
  13. Matt 12:28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.
    Matt 12:29 Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.
    Matt 12:30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.
    I guess we live in a world full of those who are opposed to Christ Jesus.
  14. Well with no Internet connectivity, that makes me really free of attack by trojans:)
    Yes, you can if you don't isolate your windoze at the time of installation a boot menu thing will automatically be created.
    Personally I dislike them so I have a HDD set aside for each OS. and when loading an OS, I kill the connection to all other HDDs to avoid the 'grub'. For me, it is then easier to just switch boot order in Bios on those infrequent occasions where I want to change OSs. The alternative is to have to navigate that messy boot menu every time I start the PC. just a personal of many.:(
    Caution::: With Linux and Ubuntu, If you go to install on a HDD with windoze or any other OS, you will have the option to install alongside of the OS or use the whole disk for the new OS. Since I was not using a HDD with another OS on it when loading BDS, I can't speak from experience that you will have that same option.......though I would expect you would.
    Also, for me, An ISO would not work too good, whereas an .img on a usb worked well for the installation.
    It seems the best distro for you to try would be 'GhostBSD'
    Some interesting trivia. Linux will not mount a BSD formatted drive, but it will mount a windoze drive.
    BSD will not mount a LINUX drive, but will mount a windoze drive.
    windoze wont mount either....well it will see that the other is there but it doesn't know what to do with it.
    One useful feature of the gnome desktop used with BSD is that you can opt to start a terminal session in root or in user makes no real difference though, it just saves you one mouse click:)
    Hope this helps.
  15. like I said I dont have any actual problems with the OS itself, nor do I hold anything against anyone using it, its just a personal issue I have with its creaters, and I cant even explain it it just bugs me lol.

    As far as the grub menu, I don't know how well it works with freeBSD, but I use it with my linux distros all the time and I like it. I have 2 hard drives, but theyre in a RAID O array, which I prefer, so seperating them that way would be difficult, while using the GRUB menu is relatively easy for me.
  16. Enough said. I did not know this, put me off wanting to downloading BSD
  17. Thx for taking the time to reply, (y) i might give BSD a miss after reading the_patriot13 post
  18. Proof?
  19. No problems, no skin off my nose.
  20. I read it somewhere, cant seem to find where. It may have been a joke, I dont know and it was only with the original creaters, being opensource there have been lots of people whove been involved with it. Im not making the accusation that freeBSD is satanic, it is not, it is simply a UNIX based Operating system, which may have been originally made by satanists. It is not inherently evil, and if you use it your not furthering satans cause. Its just something that doesnt sit well with me, is all.

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