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  1. Hey guys, please help me as my computer been virused... Everytime I have to open my computer, Mozilla and some programs are gone... Need to download again and need scanning... Sigh

    Can you please help me with my problem?
  2. Trojan is the worst kind. I don't know what kind of virus protector's gets rid of Trojans. A lot of virus protector's out there don't even catch Trojans. I suggest you go and bring it to a computer person so they can tell you what's wrong.
  3. Hey thanks for the response... One of my friend told me to download a Spyware and my computer is doing good right now.
  4. I'm really sorry to hear that you have been hit but when I ran Windows and today, when a body will bring their computer to me for virus', worms or trojans, the first thing i do is to go to

    Then I install ClamAV on the machine. It is the OpenSource Anti-virus and have had great success with it. My daughter and my wife both run Avast and both of these anti-virus systems are free and the big advantage of ClamAV, in my humble opinion is that there is never a need to renew your free license, there-by making it less prone to forgetfulness.
  5. OK first of all I would like to say I'm majoring in computer programming and am half way through college. Not saying that makes me an expert, but I guess it does give me a bit more practical knowledge on things like this.

    So next I would like to say Avast is defiantly not worth the effort and while they're free programs that claim to be Anti-Virus programs a large majority of them are scams.

    I've never hear of ClamAV before, so I won't say anything about it. Personally on my computer however I use Malwarebytes. It's free and it's trust worthy, I actually use the payable version, but I've used the free before and it's great. Another popular anti-virus software is AVG, I've used it before and it's ok, I like Malwarebytes a lot more though because it will actually give you a text document of all viruses found and destroyed.

    If I were you I would install Malwarebytes and get rid of any other virus protectors from you computer as having more that one tends to be a bad thing sometimes. Also check and make sure your firewall is up, if you don't know how to do this you can PM me and I'll try and walk you through it.

    Anyway, hope everything works out for you.
  6. Reinstall Windows is the best solution UNLESS you know what you are doing.

    Run these:

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
    DrWeb Cure It!
  7. Thanks for the responses... I'll do your advice in the future... For the mean time, I don't have any problem with my computer yet so... God bless guys!
    1. Reboot your computer in safe mode
    2. Open task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and then kill associated process of Trojan
    3. You can also search for Trojan files and folder and delete them manually by performing Window search
    4. By using windows registry editor , delete infected registry entries of Trojan

    Even if you have any problem, then follow the link below:
  8. I run AVG in my wife's windoze box. It can detect (sometimes) a trojan, but isn't likely to kill it stone dead.
    Not that I like doing it, but with no other programs running, run AVG, then pull the plug out of the socket. Trojans often can sit in memory and then imbed in any file at random. Having cleaned infected files, still leaves the beasty sitting in memory til it reacts to power down cycle. How it does that I don't know, but after cleaning a variety of files only to have a new one infected on next boot up, I have found the brute force method very decisive.
    I believe that was the reason MS introduced the Ctrl+Alt+Del. login requirement with windoze NT, this keying sequence killed any trojans waiting to infect......or so I was told and that is where I got the idea about trojans sitting in memory from.
    I should add that the above method will not get rid of a non trojan virus, and I offered the above based on the thread heading.

    But by far the best possible solution is to give windoze the flick and start running a Linux distro ...ubuntu, Linux mint etc.
  9. Vipre Antivirus is free at and is recognized as one of the betterest ones out there. Use the directions above to get into safe mode, and run it from safe mode. That will allow it to detect infection that might be imbedded in windows essential programs and not be caught while windows was running. PANDA has what was once the best and most advanced "free thinking" program to detect threats that didn't even have an identified signature yet. It's not free, but it's a good investment. I ran it for about 9 years.
  10. The site and its tools are unfamiliar to me, so I cannot vouch for its effectiveness. It is possible that the links on the site may actually infect your computer. I don't know this for sure, and I'm not going to click the links to find out - I figured clicking the link above was risk enough. A certain amount of paranoia is justified in cyberspace.

    Safe mode is always the safe bet when removing Trojans. I had a Trojan or virus or something on my pc a few days ago and i think it installed itself via my website cache. It basically put up a screen pretending to do some spyware scan and it caused some icons on the task menu to blink. It also seemed to disable or corrupt MSE. Any way i restarted the Pc and was faced with the same stuff, i was unable to do much.

    So i restarted again in safe mode and removed the virus program installed on my pc and I cleared my browser cache and pc registry using CCcleaner. I also turned on UAC to its highest setting, and i think it was because i had UAC turned off that the virus program installed itself via my browser cache without asking permission from me. Since then i uninstalled MSE and installed Mcafee. Everything going fine now.

    Thanks be to God.
  11. I use Avast all the time, I really like it, but keep this in mind, there is no single anti-virus program out there that can eliminate every single virus out there-its virtually impossible. There are tools out there for manual removal, and many websites with trained techs that can guide you through a manual removal process. One such site is Its safe, secure and friendly-and free. It may take a few days due to the backlog-but they will help you get your computer trojan free.
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  12. That site looks pretty good patriot13. I have to look deeper into that. For now I use AVG internet security and IObit malware fighter and spybot. All of which I like a lot. IObit and Spybot are also free unless you go to the pro version of course. May I suggest never to use Norton! I have had only bad experiences with them.

    Chili out
  13. Its a good site, Im actually on staff there, I can speak for their knowledge. AVG is alright, I agree with your assesment of norton-not a good program.
  14. Malwarebytes if a very good program. If an antivirus can't kill the virus or find one, then malwarebytes will.
  15. Mbam is indeed very good, but again like any av program its limited by how fast the creators can add definitions, with how fast viruses and malware are made its impossible to have a exhaustive list. The best tool ive seen is a manual removal tool called combofix, but unless you are experienced using it or you are being helped by someone who is you shouldnt use it because it can brick your computer.
  16. Panda Cloud antivirus is not bad either, no definitions to download, as Panda is Cloudbased so will have to have a internet connection 24/7 to have it running top notch

    Norton as in Norton 360 Premuim is reliable I wouldn't give up on it. Norton antivirus software use to be a system hog back in the day but with improvements over the years with each version out i trust Norton products.

    Nod 32 or Eset antivirus is excellent.

    Mcafee is terrible imho. I wouldn't touch it with a 30foot pole. On first install it disabled my internet took forever to load up and when it did windows ran like a dog with 3 legs. Stay away from this program.

    Last but not least is MS Security Essentials Freeware. - Very good for a freebie.
  17. Windoze is a sponge for malware, viruses and Trojans. Wouldn't surprise me if the the manufactures of windoze have an 'area 51' where all these nasties are produced.
    I abandoned windoze long since, and I'm thinking of moving on from Linux for BSD. Not that I have had so much as one invasion of Linux, but BSD seems to be about as bullet proof as an OS can be.
  18. BSD is unix based, so I can see where it can be just as safe. Im much more of a linux fan myself though over BSD, just so many more varieties. . .

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