Times of suffering and tribulation prepare our hearts

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  1. As we look through the book of Judges... As we look through Kings and Chronicles - we should notice a pattern....

    Times of tribulation and suffering
    God sending His leader
    The leader uniting and bringing victory
    The leader passes, the people forsake God's ways and throw off unity
    The people become divided - "Every man doing what is right in his own eyes" -
    Finally, God turns them over to their enemies and the enemies prosper.

    I am seeing that these periods of tribulation and suffering accomplish a very necessary function.... They prepare our hearts, minds, and volitions to follow God's leader. These periods prepare us to ACCEPT God's leadership and God's Leader in our lives and in our churches....

    For example - right now in The Church... It's obvious that there are many Godly men and women who are against the changes in society that are here upon us... They know what the right thing to do is - but there is no Unification. There is no ONE clear direction. There is no ONE clear picture of what to do.... There is not ONE united Church seeking to accomplish God's Purposes. Instead, there are 42,000 separate ones - and inside that 42,000 separate "Visions" - there are probably 300,000 separate "Purposes" that all stand in unintentional disarray and division....

    As such - we see every church trying to "Do whatever is right in it's own eyes" - and our efforts are divided.. We do not prosper.

    We must be made ready to unite. As a church - we are far from united in purpose, vision, and direction..... God will make us ready - but by and large, it's coming against our will. It's going to take a lot of suffering before the Church in America is willing to unite.

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  2. ...and its coming faster than most want to believe.

    So many refuse to see beyond what they have themselves experienced. Its heart wrenching.

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