Time To Reflect

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  1. Everyday, let us take some time to reflect on what the Lord has given us. Let us meditate on what He is to us. Let us rejoice in the grave that He has bestowed upon us. For every day is the day that God calls us to remember Him.
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  2. AMEN.....Praise be to God Almighty for He is my everything.
  3. Amen. If we all took time to contemplate the blessings we have, rather than fretting about what we don't have, we would be much happier.


  4. It's noteworthy that, when the prophet Isaiah was listening for God's voice in the Old Testament, it wasn't to be found in the fire or the wind, or anything like you might traditionally expect. Rather, in order to truly hear and discern God's voice, the prophet Isaiah had to be still and be quiet; he had to block out the noises of the world.

    Likewise, we see numerous accounts throughout the gospels of Jesus going off by Himself to pray, and be alone with God. In many cases, this took the form of Him going to sit bt the seaside, to reflect.

    Let us all take time out each day to be still, be quiet, and reflect. I think we'll find our days are a lot more productive and fruitful if we can take the time to do that.
  5. This is always good to hear, because it is so easy to take these things for granted.

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