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  1. I have an issue that has been weighing on my heart. Yesterday it dawned on me that perhaps a way to get closer to a resolution was to spend time alone with God. I searched out several retreats in my area, and they offered a few two night woman's retreats in the middle of the week. However, there were also some seminars attached to these, and what I had in mind was a few days of nothing but silence, prayer, meditation on the Word and some journaling. I feel like I need to devote a few days to the Lord to focus on his presence and listen to anything he may want me to hear. I am struggling with terrible guilt and trauma surrounding things I did the day my mother died, and I need God's help in sorting through right thinking from wrong thinking. Only God can truly help me with this one and I want to really devote time and focus to this issue

    Then is dawned on me - my husband is attending a reunion this summer of a group of people who decades ago were chosen by their churches to spend a month in seminars, the Word, and exploring their challenges as at-risk youth. This seems like a perfect time to commune with the Lord in the manner that I want. I will have the guaranteed uninterrupted silence that I require, and still be able to take care of the house and animals while my husband is away. It's a perfect solution. I strongly feel that a few days of fasting and focusing on the Lord will help me tremendously, whether I resolve my issue or not. It is yet to be seen if I can resist all the electronic entertainment temptations. As is usually the case, whenever I embark on something this ambitious, obstacles I never dreamed of seem to pop up in my path, so this should be interesting. I was also wondering if anyone here has ever participated in a retreat and what your experience was like. For those who opt to share, I thank you in advance.
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  2. One thing I feel led to share is that guilt is of the enemy. He knows that guilt will hold you captive and cause you not only to have difficulty hearing the Lord properly, but also will cause your heart to condemn you, which also squashes or makes your faith ineffective. Which means all Your prayers are hindered because your walking in unforgiveness of yourself.

    Now from reading all that you have wrote here in different threads... I'm going to assume you have repented and asked for forgiveness for your actions and behavior on this most vulnerable day. So now it's your job to receive God's faithfulness to have already forgiven you and your cleansing from this unrighteousness (1John 1:9). By your inability to let it go and forgive yourself , your essentially saying that Christ's Blood was not enough to cleanse you. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, this is far from how your heart really feels. For you are a very Spiritual woman who delights herself in the Lord. And to do anything contrary to Him is not in Your character.

    You have allowed the devil to beat you up for far to long, and it's time to put him in His place. For Romans 8:1 says that there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. ... now is always now, and you my dear sister are in Christ Jesus.

    Now on to share a little of my experience..... I had the awesome priveledge of attending a women's retreat one weekend about 20 years ago. It was on the coast and I had the wonderful access to walk the beach and pray when we were not eating or listening to a speaker. God did have the woman to speak over me that she could see cement blocks on my feet, and that God was going to break them off of me. And I also went to a prayer session with a group of women from the conference were praying, and they ended up praying over me because of something that happened to me as a child.

    I don't remember much about what the speaker said, but enjoying the waves and talking to the Lord while walking really blessed me for sure.

    Blessings to you my friend. Thank you for sharing your heart with us all, and allowing us to get to know you! I have been encouraged by many things you have written :)
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  3. Hi Egraine,
    My heart goes to you when you long for time with our saviour and to look at his face and just completely know that you are his and he truly loves you and knows you inside out. I also appreciate how many things get in the way of planned time to be with him in the quiet with no distractions.

    I just wanted to say that I will pray that you can find the quiet time you seek, and that the guilt will fade and your thoughts will not constantly turn to 'what if's' we all know that this is not what God wants as he wants you to be free of these thoughts, but guilt to me seems one of the most obstanate things to go. You give it to the Lord, by putting your feelings at his feet in prayer and then when you finish praying you accidentally pick them up and take it with you again.

    I pray that you can truly leave it at the cross and have a free heart to praise.

    With love Neddy

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  4. Thank you for all your encouragement. I have complete faith that if I put forth sincere effort in my retreat that it will yield fruit. God has always manifested necessary changes in my life whenever I have prayed from a place of sincere humility, contrition, and the true desire to allow Him to direct my life, thoughts, and feelings. Sometimes, however, the change that I am praying for requires more than a few prayers - it requires persistent focus and a sacrifice on my part. My father taught me how fasting helped immensely in focusing on the Lord and how it also offered a sacrifice. He practiced this weekly. There are many Biblical precedents where seekers have removed themselves completely from all distractions by going into the wilderness, fasting, praying, and thereby being completely focused on God for that period of time. When I told my spiritual mentor of my idea, his response was that he felt it was time for me to embark on this type of journey. He too feels that I have arrived at a place where I am ready to spend time alone with the Lord in this manner, and he has given me special meditation prayer techniques used by his Order to pray their 'offices' four times daily. These techniques keep thoughts from wandering and also manage unwanted intrusive thoughts when they try to interfere with the process.

    Following my father's example, I hope to make this a regular event in my life, perhaps three or four times a year. My father lived as a hermit deep within the forest for many decades, and this weekly time of fasting and prayer was his way of worshipping God in lieu of attending a church (it was not an option for him). I am quite excited to spend this time alone with the Lord - no doubt after I've done it I'll wonder why I didn't do it sooner.
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  5. Guilt and shame and intrusive thoughts.
    I know them well.
    Praying for your release for you walk in Christ.
  6. I like to think about a spiritual retreat as a time of personal review and renewal of spirit. The fact that we exist, live, relate to other people, and that despite our best efforts sometimes do not make the best choices, leaves me feeling like I need to purge myself every so often. It's like an oil change - the oil starts off nice and clean, but as the car is operated for a period of time, the oil gets dirty and needs to be drained and replaced. I don't feel like I have a massive weight on me or that I am struggling with things that are overwhelming me by any means, I just feel like I get kind of 'gunked up' and need to refresh my spirit. We are sinful creatures and as we go about our lives, things happen that make us collect sin, despite our best efforts. Through Christ we ask with humble and contrite hearts to be forgiven, and through Him we are cleansed. But I have this deep-seated need to really commune with God for a few days, and to ask Him to give me greater strength and discernment to avoid making the wrong choices. This too involves starting each day with a prayer asking for His assistance in this regard.

    I also have a special decision to make, and this is a serious commitment that I need to make certain that I am doing what God is asking of me. I have been called to serve God in a more official capacity. Members of the clergy have stepped forward to encourage me to take up studies to enter into clerical service, and have offered their references and support if I decide to do this. This is what is weighing on my heart right now - the need to examine myself to make sure that I am fit to serve the church in this capacity. I have been praying for quite some time asking for how I can serve the Lord, and this has now presented itself. This commitment will require several years of study both at university and at seminary, so I must be certain that this is truly what God wishes me to do, hence my need for seclusion and prayerful meditation. I must examine my heart, expunge guilt & other negative mental influences brought about by recent life events, and be perfectly clear about this immense decision. I feel that it certainly deserves a time of seclusion and fasting.
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  7. Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, that name of all names.. we thank You for Egraine. Thank You that she is Your sheep and knows Your voice. We thank You for granting unto her this special time to commune with You on a deeper level, and bless it beyond all she could ask or think.

    Thank You for such a great opportunity that has been presented to her, and we thank You for giving her the wisdom to know if this is of You or not. Thank You for speaking her heart, Your desire for her life. For we know that even if there are bells and whistles going off and a band beconing her to come in, if this is not of You, then she will not be in Your perfect will, and we know that Your perfect will is what she desires, and where she will be extremely blessed.

    We Thank You and praise You, in Jesus name, Amen
  8. Cturtle: Thank you so much for your prayer and blessing. Your kindness is an inspiration and a blessing to all here. May the Lord bless you.

    Your sister in Christ .... Egraine
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  9. Always pleasure to bless and pray for one of God's children for you are an important part of the body of Christ!

    Blessings sister :)
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    i have been to retreats, as the Lord led, and it was always wonderful

    anything the Lord leads you to do will be wonderful

    being out in nature is a good way to connect with God

    being away from home and disconnected from home distractions has it's benefits

    i have also locked myself away at home and sought the Lord

    it was equally wonderful

    praying that the Lord shows you where to seek Him

    a fast can be of food or things like tv/internet/etc

    for me i do not fast in my own strength

    if i want to fast i ask God if I can and if He will bless me to do it

    Isaiah 58 talks about the benefits of fasting

    when God causes/enables me to fast it is a truly supernaturally blessed situation

    i have fasted in my own strength and ended up spending a lot of time "fighting" thoughts and cravings

    i did get results mind you, iow the fast was successful and my prayers were answered

    but the "fight" made the fast not nearly as peaceful/glorious as when i ask God to give me permission and divine ability to fast

    in fact the more particulars i can get from God, the more successful the fast/time of solitude in seeking God ends up being

    i personally believe that if i have a desire to fast it possibly is God leading me to do it

    so for that reason i ask His permission to fast

    if He says yes, then I seek Him for the particulars of how/when/why to fast

    then i pray ahead and prepare for the fast - looking for God's strength/ability to do

    praying for you my dearest friend in this most wonderful desire you have
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  11. amen

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