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  1. I'm just wondering what your opinions are about objects like a Tiki mask. Some extreme christians seem to believe we are not allowed to be near items like that, or even have stuff like statues or even having the cross or pictures of jesus in our house. For the last 2, I don't know why. But I'm just wondering what you think.

    My personal thoughts is that God judges you based on your intentions mainly. If you buy a tiki mask jut because you think it looks cool, I would think it wouldn't matter compared to if you bought it because you wanted it to be your idol. Same with anything non-realted really. If you have a plant in your house because you think it's beautiful VS having it in your house to worship it.
  2. Well its different from a plant cos plants are living and a tiki mask is a carved image. Thats my opinion. I dont think they look cool, they look like a dead foetus, but thats just me.

    If you dont know why I suggest you turn to exodus and read the story of the israelites dancing round the golden calf. And read one of the ten commandments.
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  3. You may think its cool and im sure aaron thought the golden calf was cool too, and all the people dancing round. Maybe they can just blame aaron cos it was mostly his idea...but there was only one calf...and lots of israelites.

    I think people thought Moses was being extreme when he broke the tablets and told God about it all.
    Anyway, you can always ignore me if its making you uncomfortable just as I dont care if people decorate their houses with scary monsters and demons..at least I dont have to live in their houses with bad decor and clutter...just another thing to dust...

  4. The best thing in my opinion is to ask God. Commit your plans to the Lord, and He will cause your thoughts to line up with His Word/Will so that all of your plans will be established and succeed prov 16:3 amplified Bible.

    God knows your heart and will give you peace one way or another. Blessings!
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  6. Its not being an "extreme christian" to have wisdom about carvings depicting spiritual entities. Unless you are spiritually blind, its simple and very obvious common sense. Alongside that is a realisation that Satan uses anything he possibly can to bring people, including christians, into demonic bondage.

    1Cor10v19What do I mean then? That a thing sacrificed to idols is anything, or that an idol is anything? 20No, but I say that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons and not to God; and I do not want you to become sharers in demons.21You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.…

    If you have given it a home, you have effectively erected a temple over it! Behind every idol, there is a demon(s) and bringing it into your home, you have made an agreement with that idol/demon. Your own home itself has become the personal offering that you are making to the demonic power behind the idol.
    Be assured, it will have an effect on you!

    It is not that God will judge you, but that Satan is always looking for naive christians who are willing to obey him. God cannot stop you using freewill to give a home to His enemies. You haven't been defeated in battle, you have preferred the offerings of God's enemies to God himself. Adam did that if you recall.

    I have met many christians whose lives have been blighted because they have given a home to occult stuff.

    My wife was at a residential meeting somewhere years ago when a married couple asked for prayer. They were really struggling over health issues and spiritual oppression. As they prayed, one of the men gave out a simple vision that he had received for them. In the spirit, he had seen a picture of someone standing next to a pagan temple with its shadow casting over them. He said he didn't understand what it meant, but that it represented a demonic attack that had happened in the past.
    The couple excused themselves for a few moments, and ran up to the room where they lodged, returning shortly with a photograph.
    The photograph was of the two of them in Nepal standing near one of the many Hindu temples, with its shadow cast over them. The speaker had thought that the vision was a metaphor for something, not a real event.
    They tore the photo up and commanded the demons that had obviously entered at that time to come out of them.
    The oppression left immediately and following that, the health issue was resolved.

    The church seems to be extremely naive when it comes to the works of Satan. Just becoming a christian does not stop Satan's evil works against God's people. We are called to war, only a fool would make his habitation with an agent of the enemy.
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  7. As a Sherman Brothers fan, I've always enjoyed this little ditty.

  8. As i read through what you wrote, God was reminding me of the place in the old testament where God commanded the Sons of the Israelites to not marry women from other lands, with their idols....because they would eventually be enticed to worship them to. I also got goosebumps reading your testimony about your encounter and prayer with that couple. Thanks for sharing Francis Drake!
  9. Thanks.
    Here in the UK when I was a relatively new believer, a friend and I were asked to pray for a lady who was struggling with her relationship with the Lord. We talked and prayed with her for a while, and then as was our practice, we waited on the Lord for a word of knowledge.
    The word that I received was "spirit of Mormon". When I gave this to her she was indignant, insisting that she had never had anything to do with the Mormons. We laid that word down and continued with other things for a while, then suddenly she shrieked.
    "My great great grandfather went out to Salt Lake City with Brigham Young!"
    That event happened in 1847 if I am correct! That false spirit had followed down her generational line and was still oppressing her walk with Jesus over130 years later. Of course we cast it out in the name of Jesus.
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  10. To a certain extent art is just art. But it is best to avoid statuary and masks that represent spiritual entities of pagan religions.
    I have a policy of "no heathen garbage in the house".
    I've had enough dealings with demons over the years, I don't need to be inviting the little b@$t&^%s in.
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