Throw me some tough love.

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  1. Throw me some tough love.

    Anyone have any good scripture on the power of words?
    I know that some of the things I say are wrong, been asking for help and trying to repent but I fill like I am stuck in a rut, not getting past it at all.
    So I thought that maybe, I could read scripture about it and put it in my heart...
    It might help anyway, so over saying these words...
  2. I'd say read the book of James . really good book on that . i'd be more specific but don't feel like being tested on that . i know i'd flunk big time if pushed to the wire .
  3. well I just want to be perfect, is that to much to ask?? :(
    Im sure ill get there, just so hard to change bad habits, but got to that point you know, where if I dont change it, I am gonna be answering for it come that day.
  4. okay .. well, just remember .. perfect when it appears in the scriptures is better translated as "full to maturity" .. so in any growth stage we can be "perfected" .. but this relates to living out of who God says i am .

    but God hears the desire of your heart . and i'm certain He will come through for you . you might even see it happen before you expect .
  5. When is a thief not a thief?

    The answer is not "When he stops stealing." A thief who stops stealing is just a thief between jobs.

    He is not a thief, when he repents, returns what he stole with interest, gets a job and gives to the poor. This is evidence that he is something new. He now freely gives away what he worked hard for when previously he stole.

    The principle is that you can't stop a habitual life style. It must be replaced with something new. Intentionally and purposefully memorize some new words and phrases to use in their place. Purpose in your heart to use them, then do it. It won't be long that they are the habit.
  6. My name is earl
  7. Hmmm ..... This is a pretty generalized question and in my mind there are so many verses that I have a site you can look at .

    What Does the Bible Say About Tough Love?

    As a Christian most of the verses that speak about love are sometimes tough to follow but because we have the Holy Spirit , we can with His help follow .

    And we are not perfect and never will be but we can strive for perfection and each day brings us closer if we trust and obey .

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