Three Word Story.

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  1. Three Word Story.

    OK, this is a simple Forum Game called Three word Story. In short, you build up a silly funny story by using 3 words at a time. So a person starts it off by saying 3 words, like "A Fat Man", Then the next person that reads this topic, will post another 3 words that go with what the person's before him posted, so the next person might post something like "Walks Into A", and so on and so on. You cant post 2 in a row, you must wait for some one to reply to your post, before you can go again. Try to make your 3 word reply so that it fits the story and make it so some one can add something onto it.

    OK so ill start it off:

    ~~~~~The Old Man~~~~~~
  2. is the father
  3. of a very
  4. his mother's new
  5. dont go there.
  6. I like pie.
  7. praising the Lord
  8. when in doubt
  9. . Ask and you
  10. shall be given
  11. Where's the pie?
  12. son can do
  13. *thinking* <hmmm you got me stumped here>

    what it costs
  14. I don't know...

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